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LOL Catherine Get Influence Points Raiders


    Heroes Advantages

    Catalina this hero, has a very strong point AP burst capacity, did not have to interrupt the case of large strokes, Katrina almost destroyed the entire force of the league's most AP hero, he 's big move will be like a hurricane Like destroy the enemy team, and her most horrible place that she not only has a strong AP outbreak, but also has one of the best league harvesting capacity, when Katrina hit downwind, the whole game is her stage AP queen is well deserved.


    Hero disadvantage

    AP as a melee hero, she was not very good under pressure, online less capable, and many online predators, also mentioned earlier, if itself is against war regiment difficult place to play and is very this fear Scarecrow with silence and hard control hero.


    Skills Analysis
    Greed (Passive) : kill or get killed Lotus assists will reduce the cooling time 15 seconds and refresh basic skills.


    Katrina is chilling passive harvesting of the capital, after killing a crackling, enjoy the harvest it!


    Ejection Blade Q: cooling time of 9 / 8.5 / 8 / 7.5 / 7 seconds (Catalina throwing a dagger, causing 60/85/110/135/160 (+0.45 Spell Power) magic damage. Daggers will catapult 4 nearest enemy, will be reduced 10% each catapult damage. was hit enemy will be marked four seconds. Catalina 's normal attack or skill will consume imprint, causing 15/30/45/60/75 (+0.15 spell power) bonus magic damage.)


    The skill Carter online consumption of blood and make knives capital, and in the time to reach a certain AP has a decent damage.


    Ominous steel W: cooling time of 9 seconds (Catalina let dagger into the ring rotates, causing 40/75/110/145/180 (+0.5 equipped with physical attacks) (+0.25 Spell Power) magic damage and if she hit a name enemy hero, you will receive 15/20/25/30/35 % movement speed bonus for 1 second)


    Q mainly used to trigger the imprint of enemies and hit the enemy increases movement speed slightly improved Carter's ability to kill and escape


    Instantaneous step E: 12 / 10.5 / 9 / 7.5 / 6 sec (Katrina moved to the next target if the target is an enemy, then the cause 60/85/110/135/160 (+0.5 Spell Power) magic damage. Use instantaneous step after Katrina injuries will be reduced by 20 % for 1.5 seconds)


    This ability to cut and Carter escape of the capital, to see the enemy after Carter E can maximize flexibility.


    Death Lotus R: 60/55 / sec (Hurricane Katrina incarnation as a blade, with unparalleled speed to a maximum of three enemy heroes around 50 throwing daggers, within 2 seconds, continue to cause 400/500/600 (+ 3 equipped physical attacks) (+2.0 Spell Power) magic damage. dagger with serious injuries will effect, so that the therapeutic effect of reducing the target by 50% for 3 seconds.)


    Katrina has a very big move and gorgeous hero fatal, when the enemy can not break your big move or attend to you, you almost had won the victory in team battles.


    Line with the group on the idea of war

    Also mentioned earlier, Catalina, though they have a strong outbreak and harvesting, but almost all built on a foundation on which it is to kill an enemy hero, because their basic skills Katrina damage is not high, it is difficult to kill an enemy, the enemy in the silence of the big move, hard control for time, it is difficult to play its due role.


    So here I want to focus on explaining how to deal with online predators and the many Katrina Carter team battles ideas.


    If you really want to play Catalina he in any case are your worst nightmare.


    Anne this little Lolita black belly as long as she seized the chance and you will be returned to the pool, she is a strong enemy Carter online, because whenever you do not like the outbreak of her, and she has a very far Pugong distance and powerful hardware control, and her line is necessary to master the rhythm, change up the knife with blood bottle, try not to fill dangerous knife, because she 's broke too strong!


    Moonlight Moonlight Online Carter also very restrained, because she has a shield skills, so is almost every shake Carter ended in failure, and her terrible injuries to six, just try not to its positive!


    I am for everyone listed above Catalina online several enemy. Then the next I want to focus groups to talk about Katrina War thinking, because of its passive properties make it a very strong team battles.


    Katrina 's group fights ideas similar to VN, because she is very easy to be against, and the physique is extremely fragile, with no big trick the skill damage is not high, it is difficult to do in a confrontation during the middle AP do, such POKE or a surprise second core, so we have to do is quietly waiting for an opportunity.


    So we have to do is wait, either the upper hand or backhand. Wait for the other to produce the first round skill, spotted the opportunity set of skills can easily kill opposite a crackling, in general, are based on E to cut and then turn up after throwing QW. remember to be careful silence the enemy and control.


    Talent and Rune

    Rune method I would choose to wear red, blue magic resistance, armor yellow, purple moving speed, you can choose purple strong law these are random, I inserted two blue on the map strong law is purely personal preference.


    No talent is the traditional blue strip hero 2190 AP talent, and need not say more, but here I point out the complement soldier talent, if you are confident that your make up a knife, then you can point these two talented go to other places.


    Hero mounted


    Fitted out :  +  x4

    Interim:  +  +  +

    Late:  +  +  +  +  +


    So, basically I play these experiences Katrina, I hope everyone in the future use of the process to Miss Carter times and ultra- God, Kerry audience. Thank you for reading! See you next time!



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