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LOL Dan Introduces New Master


    Dan Masters number will not be restricted, and after reaching guru Dan did not fall segment immune protection. So guru Dan representative should be a contest before 511 or 534 players. Players arrive guru Dan Without any action, then there will be a short time immunity, then it will bear out the risk segment.

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    Q: From the master section to drill out a way and drill five platinum fell one like it this way Dan is on or before the finals after that?
    A: Dan out of the same section and the other in the fall before the segment will be a series of checks. If the master players lose enough qualifying words, they will fall into one of the drill. Would be within a few days to a PBE real equipment in the future.

    Q: Why? Midway in the season made this new concept it why not wait until next season?
    A: Good question. Now the king off the end of the segment immune allow qualifying experience too bad the season, before the end of the season we want to improve it. Dan should be expected to master quickly into a lot of people.

    Q: At the beginning of the season when the drill won a qualifying game who are at least 200 people before the king directly into it?
    A: The first 200 players will experience: Chisel a promotion race -> win -> Enter the master group -> King Countdown end -> enter the king group.

    Q: Master group will have different borders it?
    A: Yes, there will be a unique profile page borders and trim.


    Simply put:
    1, Master will be placed in the current and Diamond I Challenger middle.
    2, in the promotion race wins drill I will make you promoted to master group.
    3, players master group will be promoted to the strongest king, did not limit the number of players master group.
    4, the strongest of the King will be 24 hours of rotation, the master group before 200 former players or 50 teams will be promoted to the strongest king; And the king of the strongest players ranked lower than the top 200 or top 50 of the clan will fell master group.

    5, the latest advance of the strongest players will have no king now temporarily immune protection.



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