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LOL Designer Said Hammer Stone Crabs Hero Skills Will Change


    U.S. service forum junior partner, issued a message asking whether the skills E hammer stone will always cause additional damage, and also asked about the wisdom of the end edge of the skills of a more powerful additive effects. Designer Meddler also post a reply.

    Here are answers given by the designer Meddler:

    Hammer stone's attacks will cause at least some extra damage. If you want to see specific values, then just look at the floating combat text magic damage you can know.

    Wisdom at the end of the blade magic resistance reduced by the addition of additional damage specific number, based on the target have magic resistance and change. Here is a simple example, if the target happens to have 25 Magic Resist, and you make it down to 0, then you will be more than 25% of the magic damage caused (25 Magic Resist your damage will be reduced to 80%, 100% 80% after a 25% increase in the value)

    Related Reading knowledge:

    If magic resistance ≥ 0, then the damage coefficient of variation = 100 / (100 + magic resistance)

    25 Magic Resistance -> damage coefficient of variation = 100 / (100 +25) = 80%

    So damage increased from 80% to 100% damage, damage is increased by 25% [80% * (1 +25%) = 100%]

    Soul stone hammer lock warden

    Doom pendulum Passive: Each attack resulted in 0.5 * AD-1 magic damage, when the stop attack damage will continue to increase. (Specific injury is equal to the number of hammer stone to get the soul plus 80/110/140/170/200% attack power, attack power bonus depends on his last attack time interval)

    Wisdom blade end UNIQUE Passive: Your normal attack will steal five from the target body magic resistance, stacking up to 5 times

    In the v3.10 patch, vanity of vanities lacewing Jah Prophet Martha's call Ethereal AI was adjusted, and now they choose to attack new targets are relatively clumsy. Forum pointed out that the United States serving small partner, if not, then right-click on them, they will froze. Designer Meddler also acknowledge that this is a Bug, and will in the near future to repair patch, but the patch on-line date has not be determined.

    Pride E Jiate leader of E skills might make some changes, we will make some adjustments to his work, but not quickly carried out, there are other redo hero, Zela Si, Black Mo Dingge etc. higher priority, while some of the game's major adjustment (especially S4 adjustment) also needs to be carried out.

    Currently, his E skill corrosion charge [E], to explicitly tell the enemy to be careful, and skill, but travel time can not be avoided it so seems too strong, the need to add a mechanism can be countered. If you do not get a good E Jiate, it is because you do not often make good use of this skill, have tried and used in conjunction with the auxiliary skills do?

    Gem Knight Tariq dizziness, thorns Xing Jie pull winding, steam robot manipulator Britz, etc., with the good (especially Tariq and he really is the best partner).

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