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LOL Designers Revealed New Position No Longer Distinguishes Between 3.10 Heroes Remote Melee


    League of Legends fist company is trying to locate lol hero becomes simple and clear. Morello this designer specialized post, explained that the future of 3.10 patch, the hero will be positioned to simplify, integrate as: assassin, mage, tank, support, warrior, gunmen.



    Assassin spike across the core is designed for flexible and elegant presence. They specialize in rapid cut, confuse opponents and finish left. They are full of opportunists waiting team battles carefully cut the best timing. No matter how large the scale of the enemy team, assassins are always able to find a reasonable position to perform their art of assassination. "Wait for the best time, assassins will start, neither fast nor slow."



    Master in most of the time with a pair of long hand, and rely heavily on practicing powerful magic, rather than weapons. Traditionally Master on behalf of the range and scope of weapons to attack the perfect combination of high performance magic --- This combination allows Master fulfill the mission. Through flexible skills, the Master can bring tremendous impact.



    Tanks were gritty, fighting at the front, the goal is the central figure and the enemy launched a battle upper hand. They usually take the lead assault, saw the opportunity to stir up strife. Many tanks also take into account the protection of those deadly but fragile teammates --- they do not hesitate to die for his teammates Competing, push it away or stun the enemy, limiting their damage threat.



    Auxiliary or treatment by enhancing their teammates, to obtain recognition on the battlefield. They are also able to crowd control skills to disrupt the enemy's formation. From the latter part of the group on the line to fight all do our best to assist their teammates to create the best output space, and assist them in battle to seize the best opportunity. An auxiliary master this art can bring victory for the team an opportunity, but also through a perfect twist on the battlefield skill disadvantage.



    Soldiers are both offensive and defensive melee range combative person. They are not as good as in the anti-tank combat efficiency, the output can not be comparable with the rear gunner, but by the time of their injury superimposed, resulting in a serious threat. Every soldier is the most versatile role, they take into account the mobility, damage output, formation split and continued combat capability.



    Gunmen attack in the remote display, they abandoned the heavy defense, traveling light and focus on the powerful and stable monomer output. More traditional sense of trust gunmen attacked their weapons rather than magic skills. Late battle, gunmen always devastating injury.


    Morello on "gunmen" This new positioning has more views: In the past players like to call a remote hero ADC, which will make people feel AD heroes are unparalleled core team, be sure to Carry team. By replacing the traditional "ADC" positioning, we want to tell the players, LOL is five games, each position has a par of importance, not a single large will be able to win.


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