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LOL Designers Talk About New Hero Lucian Has Hidden Skills


    Riot new designers ZenonTheStoic for their upcoming first heroic work may seem very excited to actively participate in the official forums all relevant "Holy Gun Knight Luxi En" topic. In which he revealed the provisional title will officially release to "purify by Luxi En" and the actual image will be black with the earlier leaked version there are many differences in the original painting.

    "We do not know how this picture was leaked, to know that he has been with the initial design concept was different and I I am very depressed, it allows players to produce false expectations."


    The reddit community, he also mentioned Luxi En background story written by the Riot staff Runaan.


    "She is male gun Graves fanatical fans, so there is so little Luxi En 'impunity' feeling, I liked the background setting, Runaan doing a good job."


    The players have been speculating Luxi En background story of the wife and murdering enemies who in the end. Coming from the original painting can be seen on a gun on behalf of Luxi En engraved with the names of the letter L, and so a gun is S, below the tombstone is printed "Sen-? My beloved wife," the words. But Sen-does not comply with any one of the heroine's name has been spelled.


    And on their enemies from Shadow Island and "kill him twice" tips are reminiscent Gravediggers Yorick. Although elements from other stories to see hammer stone or metal masters is possible.


    "He will have a hidden passive skills, and background on the story line is triggered when enemies, including special mockery dubbing." ZenonTheStoic said, "I have designed a unique hero skills range AOE outbreak is neither round nor is it square block ...... yes, there will be four of his new skin eyes. "


    I do not know Riot appetizing publicity to continue for so long, but I believe the players are waiting for the new ADC taste of men from the style of the day is not far guns up.


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