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LOL Each Team Ranking Analysis


    Another week passed, and the finals from S3 nearly a week, then in North America, Europe, Korea, China and what kind of team integration happen, in the end that few teams can smoothly enter S3 finals it, let us look at it.


    LCS North Division:

    C9 still ruled the North American LCS. Under its influence, the entire North American teams have taken a faster push the tower tactics. C9 with 18 wins and 2 losses record topped the North American LCS wonderful the top, it's even created a nine-game winning streak miracle.


    Have to say, C9 each team member's personal ability and the team's execution is almost perfect for. For absolute control over the dragons so early in the game C9 laid a good economic base. The C9 BaoTuan quickly snowball's ability to push the tower class in North America. Very few mistakes and the C-bit capability ensures C9 victory. Some players even said, C9 is North America's last hope to win S3 championship.


    We still do not know the North American team in international competitions will bring us what kind of surprise, especially when they encounter speed push flow when the ancestor of the Korean team. Let us wait and see the following game.


    LCS Europe Division:

    Compared to North America, Europe LCS game ranking remained intense. LD is still ranked first ahead of GG, Fantic and ATN. In the race for seven weeks after the European team score gap is still not great. In the rest of the game, each team member's mentality will affect the final result.


    In addition, it seems that the whole of Europe clan have not been in ALL-STAR game 0-2 poor performance impact. They are still busy developing and researching new tactical style. In this week's game, Gambit BenQ Evelyn even come on the single + single + Kyle Kalmar playing Suo Na + wild + Eich this lineup. Although they were eventually defeated Fnatic, but they constantly have new tactics development and research for the popular hero continues to attract the audience's attention.


    Who will be the final winner in Europe LCS it? European team if I can come up with a new tactic upcoming S3 final shine? Answer will be revealed soon.


    IEM Shanghai:

    When the LCS fiery, IEM Shanghai station has officially ended. WE 2-0 defeat IG. OMG had been regarded as China's current top teams, but because they misbehave in the semifinals, losing WE lost finals.


    Korea OGN:

    OGN Korean competition is still fierce, because it is related to the number of places to participate in the finals S3. At present, four were famous Korean team MVP Ozone, SKT T1, CJ Frost and KTB in Korea OGN points first. Perhaps S3 championship finals in four teams will produce.

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