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LOL Events Stationed In Taipei Arena


    2013 All-Star Game held at the Shanghai Grand Stage, S3 world famous team in the NBA Finals Lakers at Staples court held, which have proved League of Legends game big game under the line is attracting more and the more spectators, the stadium has been unable to meet the general audience's needs. And recently, there is an exciting news is also GPL the official announcement: "GPL Finals will be held at the Taipei Arena."


    "Aini Via: Ladies Summoner who I am" ice phoenix "Aini Latvia," Laying an egg isn't as easy as it looks "eggs and did not look so easy, of course, to make Summoner and heroes aboard Taipei Arena is not an easy thing ah! Today, the theater in Taiwan can be said is unprecedented initiative is about to come true!


    With support of the players and favorite eSports League of Legends Summoner increasing numbers, the general audience site has been unable to accommodate the number of people with enthusiasm, in picked and chose the efforts and actively running, Garena eventually fight to the highest specifications world-class concert venue ─ Taipei Arena, as this venue! And this movement called the Taiwan eSports biggest breakthrough in the history of that time, GPL 2013 championship finals and S3 Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao, including two pre-Championship League of Legends annual event will capture the Taipei Arena, the challenge Summoners most delicate sensory nerves. In this hot summer days, I will be at the venue glacier Storm (air) skills firepower, so you can comfortably enjoy the spacious spectator space exciting events leading! "The official said.


    Recently, there are also news that the U.S. government will provide the United States to participate in the competition LOL players visas issued professional athletes, coupled with the recent several large line tournament venue announcement, which is sufficient to prove that the development of electronic games of the year with a qualitative leap.



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