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LOL Experience Raiders Articles Of Below The Level Of Platinum


    Hello everyone, I have some time on the diamond, and occasionally playing the match, and sister open open black, so often matched to the 5000-8000 fighting force teammates, although wins more negative, but still feel the greatest feeling and low segments playing with friends, I can 20 minutes to end the fighting has chosen to be dragged for a long time, and take a lot of detours, hereby posting one, I hope to help friends. Since I Benpian talk about things qualifying matches so it aside, matching demand happy Well, I hope you can easily win the first day.


    There are certainly a lot of low-segmented friends occasionally matched to 1W + combat forces teammates, especially when the thigh optional ADC, we need to how to assist him? How to play the super strength thigh led us to get the victory it? Here are a few I hope you have a reference and starting to practice from a few to lay auxiliary bit.


    First, start communicating

    Check selection and certainly not when fighting, so you choose the auxiliary may be because no other teammates and readily grabbed bloom picked a less suitable auxiliary hero, but after entering the game you find that you assisted a great God, then the remedy is still not late, such as ADC is male gun, you choose three heroes are Nadu-based Friends (very common among low-bureau, right), then I suggest you discuss it and ADC is not playing a little violence, fitted out choice do not add a lot of the eye back to blue.


    Great God mostly playing low-inning temper are quite good, and you can listen to his advice, and the red of the Cloth one of a class of medicines, enhance the consumption capability, and strive to two speed when playing a wave. Since the auxiliary pressure does not make knives, they are able to communicate more typing reminder, be sure not to bother to do it, one hopes thigh. Internet cafes or even sit YY to open the black the better, start changing for the better when you can advance with a good talent Rune ADC play.


    Second, the map suggests

    High Break Point players basically have a better map of habit, usually not so random random point maps, such as the purple triangle grass square opposite point is that we look to you? Opposite the playing field or suggest it in squatting? As an auxiliary tool in the absence of complement under pressure, need help ADC analyze the situation in the field, took a pair of BUFF across the playing field has not appeared online, look the most likely to go on the road Road, opposite the line there is an obvious hero acting ingredients (seduce one's own online hero or shake frequently occur).


    The aim is to give some of our ADC provides information, advice he pushed up the knife across the line to suppress or control line to prevent the opposite may be initiated GANK. Usually high segmented pre-race control an auxiliary court vision can guarantee two times before returning to the city is not under the road before the outbreak of the head, which is why under the road hardest GANK, pre-professional game under the road most boring reason. But here is different, where you and your opponent are about the same level, you make mistakes when they have.


    A good grasp of these maps fleeting detail coupled with precise analysis, we can help you find the opposite flaws, the right to decide whether "fight wave of" auxiliary opposite removed or ADC head. On the contrary, in the absence of the information provided under the random map initiated a wave of the fight is likely to be transmitted across the playing field or a hero, a hero back home disappearing middle caught.


    Third, playing a wave in the end how to do that

    Many write-assist the Raiders will not be written very clearly that this wave 2V2 or 3V3 how to fight, standing auxiliary position is certainly not finished throwing weakness and control skills on level A's that simple. So I learned from a few small points listed under your patience, then look at it.


    Master ADC want war, the first said it was because, ADC in Summoner skills are cool and good estimate of injury and the market situation, I felt a need to fight when he needs your help, how to judge whether it is truly open to fight it?


    Details of an opposite or auxiliary ADC is handed over before the Summoner skills.

    Details of the two, back and forth, after several rounds of exploratory, ADC opposite feeling really more vegetables, no longer allows them to easily make up a knife, hoping to grab up the knife by playing a wave right experience will be pushed out across the playing area or home, make sure that no ambush playing field circumstances play a wave.


    Details of the three, we fight wild ambush waiting for support under the tower in place or place (including other lines to carry the eye) is given signal, initiated by the auxiliary upper hand open play.


    Here to explain the importance of supporting the upper hand, usually assisted approached the upper hand or "sell yourself" when the opposite is the most vulnerable to the auxiliary ADC and set the fire, you have to do is not to be considered a good spike damage in the premise of control live to kill the target (ALT + left point out), and ADC together to play hurt kill opponents. Note that the middle: just opposite the ADC skill level A hit you do not pay - you do not easily give weak, because he is keep playing your ADC's, he does not pay to go directly to the skills I can withdraw from the battlefield, so do not worry . If he then sets deep weak recovery that you can kill instead, auxiliary converter ADC's life you definitely earn. The reason for this is because it can make up for handling some of the occurrence of errors, such as the sudden appearance of the other support, your weakness and you can determine the location of the worst result is that you keep selling our ADC's life.


    Of course, encountered some more forward-bit ADC stand on their own and others to fight a wave is chasing you at this time and then sets weakness often to no avail, this situation you do not want to spray him to protect him, you can spray him sucker. Under the road for life when there is a principle, auxiliary converter ADC, earn! Auxiliary converter playing field, earn! Life is not just a short-assisted lost, must be worthy death, let your ADC up!


    Fourth, how to kill the tower top

    Top of the tower comes to soldiers line, this must be mentioned, a high-end auxiliary ADC can easily help themselves to take the head and then get out into the tower, although not fill assisted knife, but need to observe soldiers line, did not enter the case of soldiers line punch homicide tower called Tower. But the rational use creeps into the tower of the timing and equipment levels advantage of the situation to help ADC into the tower kill.


    This is almost the most error-prone low-bureau where major TOP list almost each tower has a lot to be an example of playing dead, want to not be playing dead Consider the following few.

    (1) opposite the ADC residual blood did not pay barriers or flash, please carefully into the tower, not can not progress is to go in to have come out of the capital. Master is definitely not in the playing field across the road in a single river appear in the next case to go to close a head forcibly sending two heads, and do the math and lost economic experience loss!

    (2) initiated into the tower to kill the auxiliary A look at the opponent must first hand, let the tower hit yourself, because some skills will not be attracted to the tower attacks, specifically what skills too much, not this example, level A is the most stability of the.


    Some of the more brittle auxiliary or level is not high, remember that considered a good number of attacks tower, tower attacks have superimposed, relatively simple way is to take place after the attack to attract the tower at the edge of the tower furthest attack range, without departing from the Towers attack circle, nor into the center of the tower, one of up to 3 minutes can be pulled out of the blood, of course, does not die, then just give up and died on the deficit. And then in other words, ADC Italy has decided to kill insist die you go die. Wrong wrong once he found a second, otherwise it is a sucker. On top of the tower for the time being talked about here, there are many details that need a lot of practical experience, to say the light useless.


    Fifth, how to play Mission

    Here I am talking about how to play basic groups include only help ADC, of ​​course assist in group fights application is very broad, what Qin women just get big ah, hammer stone robot upper hand hook ah what can not mention. Back to the topic of group play will talk about the attire of thinking, the current version has several pieces of equipment to assist in team fights can play a considerable role.


    (1) eye stone, this must be said to illustrate its importance, as an auxiliary tool for the control field must be out, you can first put on the wage. Group fights a lot you need to do before the start of vision, repeatedly insert the eye, no eye stone Obviously not, if positive teammate insert the eye, you can temporarily only out to 950 of the 3 stone, stone rush out of 5 meaningless, because this equipment plug out of the eyes can also appear on the map 3, what the two five stone auxiliary I just cried.

    (2) Crown, the philosopher's stone synthetic, relatively smooth, we strongly recommend that, in the pursuit and escape acceleration effect is obvious.

    (3) Steel Lieyang the cartridge, in comparison with the output of crackling or need to fight standing blood out of the ADC is recommended.

    (4) Legion Shield, the economic situation is better, or opposite the AP case of relatively strong economic bad case of the Legion is not as cost-effective a bird shield, too expensive, and the next version will be with the big corps goodbye , a small corps temporarily look again.


    Back to the topic of team battles, many auxiliary know their role is to protect the ADC, but in fact many people do or do not do. You need to do is to observe the ADC when firepower, the cooldown of skills to protect and control the opposite sleeve cut hero, the appropriate time to help ADC resist some non-directional skills, such as EZ's Q, fire men's Q, even if is a large block male gun can also be because of your big men and guns will be reduced after the injury, in short, is a variety of knife block, walk a variety of out of the way. The ADC targets disappear in the grass or invisible, the time to send a (true) eyes open horizons, yourself and walk into the ADC Freeze A grass when the grass outside enemies and so on.


    I write to you unknowingly have a few hours, the feeling is not the thorough, high section of the players should be able to ignore most of the content I write. Recall that before his stupid but do not know how to improve the often lamented not find where the gap, the more powerful players has always called me stupid and does not tell me why, and now he is the diamond group for a long time, for a number of suggest it may help to some friends.


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