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LOL Fan Made Fighting Game League of Fighters


    League of Legends fan favorite produced led by the heroic battle Alliance characters, 2D fighting game League of Fighters, recently released a new promotional video game.


    League of Legends by the love of a fan of the R & D team Instaburst their exposure on Youtube League of Fighters produced promotional video. They said that a year ago they suddenly think that if there is a hero fighting game league that would "cool", so I started making up, they stressed this League of Fighters is a non-profit-oriented, all R & D members are no payroll volunteers, it will not pick up any benefit from the game.


    Instaburst said they use FM2K engine to make the game, the hero league heroes can log in 2D fighting world, each hero's attack skills and cooling as much as possible and Heroes Union echoes, so that you can select your favorite Summoner heroic battle; although the promotional video showing the heroes are not many, but they plan future exposure more heroic fighting screen.


    League of Fighters will be single player mode and multiplayer mode that has yet to publicly release date, Instaburst said, when the game is completed, the PC will be free to all those who love the hero league fans to the same music.


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