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LOL Game Design Concept Of Balance


    Prior to this, served in the U.S. have an official website forum called Postal Twinkie players published a post, raised some in his opinion for the Akali this hero should do some changes. This post in the forums caused great repercussions, fist's a designer FeralPony post with the majority of players are conducted in-depth exchanges. Through this post, fist some of the company's design philosophy for the hero and ideas surfaced. This will be a two-part article, as we talk about these so-called design concepts, and use some examples to show the advantages and disadvantages of these ideas.


    These dialogues will repeatedly throughout the design process is divided into a hero of three areas: the background story, skills, mechanisms and values. Each of these three areas covered every bit of a hero, while the balance is not just a hero to make changes where a particular on the can. Backstory defects can be excellent creative skills covered in the past, but no matter how to modify the value can not hide a failed idea. Therefore, these three aspects are what?


    Background Story

    First take into account the role is a background story and how their skills associated with this context. Theme and a hero started feeling is closely linked, according to their appearance and backstory. Some things are theoretically possible. For example Wei this hero, a glove with a rampage role, you will certainly hope she has enough hot gas field and handsome enough skills. You absolutely can not imagine this guy on others summon a flame from outer space elves look.


    Many times we had to redo some of the heroes, because these guys really went too far, just changes have not pull back. Backstory there may be problems, but not always. People usually do not see a turtle with long spines while also making mockery of Montreal earthquakes, but this role is positioned can say pass these skills and other skills linked very closely.


    Skills mechanism

    The next step is to balance mechanism for skills. We often interested in this point to make changes, small blind monk at the point guard armor, large on Kalmar's completely redone. A hero's skill mechanism is usually decided on the balance of these heroes for how difficult a thing. There are some, such as Li Qing or harder to Elise people can not believe it. Balance of skills is not a simple numbers game, you need to carefully study what are the effects of each skill, and put every bit separate study, the final decision this skill is too strong or too weak.


    There are two sets of skills many heroes have been separated from "abnormal" and "worthy of a play" between. The fact that these mechanisms are very powerful hero skills, at different times of the game provides a different style, but also complies with the theme of good character. Those approachable heroes usually have similar skills model for changes only need to modify their values ​​just fine. For example, Wally Bell, his game mode is a simple "catch up with him, and then chew." For this hero, who killed or caught, or catch be killed, which the middle is not much to say.


    Numerical problems

    Value is the last stop. This way you can easily put a skill pedestal or hit rock bottom without making too earth-shattering changes. If you can not change the value of a hero much impact, then the hero is facing redone. Katrina and Sims is the case, when the value changes can not solve the problem when their core. Changes in value are also often cause "generation patch generation of God" situation, and for the cooling time, the base damage, the value of life changes like this can be a hero back to average.


    Values ​​can always make a character becomes stronger or weaker, although sometimes it does not solve the underlying problem. For example, Joseph Chong-ni. We can modify the basis of her blood, resistance and / or injury to her previous capacity and tank capacity strengthening, but this would make her an ideal situation too strong. Before her skills mechanisms, or cause too much control, slow down or dizziness, or is unable to cause enough damage.



    We will find the problem or whether it is subject skills mechanisms numerical problems will make changes to not produce the desired effect. Often someone will complain that the hero is too strong or too weak, because of the simple numerical alterations not have any effect. The next part of this article will mention some examples of problems, as well as in these examples of the problems exposed.


    So far, you can find a number of changes, the fundamental purpose of a problem situation? Which heroes, like Akali, you only need a simple change can change balance many? And what a hero, only a small Small changes in the skill mechanism to change the value without the need for too much?


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