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LOL Kill Dragon Turtle Creeps Equipment Recommended


    Kill the dragon turtle creeps actually a good choice, the dragon turtle meat itself very quickly out to the five-speed magic shoes along with their homes after the guards let the dragon turtle GANK capability has been greatly enhanced online from home just a few seconds. I recommend dragon turtle belt transmission, specific style of play in the fountain in the open Q sent directly to the destination, delivered to their homes at the moment with the other side guards dragons turtle displacement regardless of what skills are cross-captive.

    Summoner Skills

    Retribution + transmission, transmission is not wrong for you. Transmission is very useful for the dragon turtle.

    Skills plus point

    Note: R> W> E> Q

    Attire recommended

    This piece of equipment is new equipment ghost cloak U.S. service, price 1400, an increase of 200 hit points, 45 points magic resistance. By the red crystal and negative cloak synthesis.

    Pros and Cons


    1 High mobility

    2 The meat itself is very

    3 Pre GANK ability

    4 Even if the damage is also good pure meat dress

    5 Big move very fast clear line

    6 It is very good team battles


    1 seems very simple to use, but requires a lot of practice to become familiar

    2 If the pre-development well, the effect is not significant

    3 Does not have the ability to counter-wild

    4 It is easy to reverse field, especially in the case with the transmission

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