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LOL MonteCristo Exposing Secret Things Korean Training


    Recently, has been living in South Korea to North America MonteCristo suddenly. In this regard, a player guesses his trip has two purposes: First, he will sign a tactical analyst with CLG contract. Secondly, he will go to the finals S3 fist company to discuss the issue commentary. And he arrived in the United States, also accepted TeamAcer depth interviews. In the interview, he told us LOL Korea unveils the things we do not know, also talked about the Chinese occupation laps.


    About tactical analyst

    Previously, WE clan analyst Abu ever mentioned it in an interview: Domestic pros need to lower the mind, not the "I'm not as good as you play, what I want to hear you" mentality questioned tactical analyst. The view also Abu MonteCristo same.


    Tactical analyst is doing? Tactical analysts are those who have to spend 20 hours on a video view of people can not be overstated. We need to understand the world of the game, understanding the different regions popular hero. Thinking Why did you choose those professional team that hero, the hero is the role played in the team? In team fights between the various heroes how fit? If this hero into other systems, will produce what chemical reaction?


    When I put some games and innovative tactics to tell some professional players, they all said he was very surprised - because they are busy training, no time to get to know the current trend of the world. Let the players understand the various tactics for the team to develop a reasonable tactical analyst routine is our existence. In fact, a good tactical analyst is not much good to his own play, but to properly explore the strengths and weaknesses of the team, forecasting version impact of tactical changes, find a breakthrough to rapidly enhance the team's strength.


    In Korea, almost every team has a tactical analyst, and South Korea's team is very strong executive power, discipline is also very good. In addition, the South Korean team also has a dedicated manager to take care of the players living diet, handling public relations team.


    Internal adjustment with the team on the training

    In North America, like the Curse, TSM, DIG and other traditional tyrannical rarely a major personnel changes, while in South Korea, there will be a whole team substitutions situation. In this regard, MonteCristo said: "In North America, the team's sponsor must require teams keep those well-known players, will provide sponsorship for the money so they sometimes ignore those so-called 'star players' performance, so that they remain team, while in Korea, decided the fate of a player is only one criterion: Performance - South Korea has never been a shortage of enthusiastic people who want to play professional, if you perform well, will soon be eliminated. "


    About the South Korean team's training methods, has always been a secret.

    Some people have been Chuan Korean secret training methods, they designed some special software to assist training, which, I would not be surprised. Take MadLife, I think he is the world's best professional players. He can command, to control perspective, the opponent can remember any skill CD, he assisted in the fight every enemy lines while observing the situation. Yes, many of which aid can do a certain point, but at the same time to do and can do, and now only MadLife one person. Moreover, he is too hurt to grasp precisely, he knows the limits of each hero, at a certain node, a hero up to how much damage control skills, how much time he can continue to be crystal clear.


    Why would he do so much? Rumors say that MadLife of training, there is a special software to help him. This software can clearly calculate each other's skills CD and damage. MadLife in training will try to do the calculations and software to keep pace, over time, in the game, this software is equivalent to transplant into his brain. Really, I do not feel surprised at this, because this is Korean. "


    About Chinese professional circles

    In fact, if the wind MonteCristo publish those remarks, he had likewise predicts: "S3 season Chinese team will win." But now there is change his point of view.


    "Uh, I really made an error in judgment, but to be honest, I have to say these things, WE really strong, but now the Chinese team did not seem to keep up with the world trend and they kind of interim Walk to kill clan in Korea seem routine body do not work well. Indeed, China is not a good team now implement a major trend - 'to map those buildings, creeps target' tactics They really like to force open group, take control skills more lineup. Ultimately, the game is still in pushing the tower, and sometimes do not have to open the group to take the tower to get a dragon. Chinese team's tactical change is too slow, they are mutual adaptation between, they did not whole world. contrast, Korea clan becomes very 'international', even in Europe and America in general is not considered a strong team when Korean will not reduce their concerns.


    Chinese players individual skill no doubt, but their tactics a bit strange. Royal coach and I said, they spend a lot of time to go for WE, which makes them even forgot the existence of other tactics. However, I still believe that, with the passage of time, they can do better, for the Korean, the Chinese team has always been the biggest threat. "

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