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LOL Need To Improve The Standard Measure Of Irregularities


    June 18, League of Legends domestic official website announced the list of unfair play behaviors title. In fact, League of Legends official has conducted a number of acts of unfair game titles. The developer Riot Games also recently expressed his Leveling and other acts will carry titles.


    Riot Games officials believe, League of Legends matching system is carefully designed to enable each player can match with their players with similar levels, thereby increasing the fun of the game. Once seek Leveling, will destroy the game balance. And account information via lent to Dailian, the account security is not guaranteed. Visible League of Legends official to keep the game balanced very seriously.


    Tencent agent League of Legends, the introduction of two supervision models, one for the analysis plug-in features and information monitoring. Another way is through user reports, official sources to analyze its behavior destroying the game balance for titles. Another player if malicious quit the game, will also be punished title, the specific embodiments as follows: the first time as 1-2 days, and the second doubles, the third one week, the fourth month, more than five times will be permanently titles.


    In fact, by the uncontrollable factors, this criterion is not perfect. For example, the system can not effectively determine whether malicious players out of the game, if you dropped due to network factors, players will suffer. Report on the user mode, since the users to report blindness, and malicious reports and other factors, so in this way is not fair, but officials did not have enough energy to track and analyze. Who was title reaction, the player because of factors such as being dropped titles, seeks solutions, customer service give reasons stereotyped.


    League of Legends intensify rectification plug, and keep balance of the game, this behavior is understandable. But how to judge whether the player vandalism game balance, measure still needs very carefully.


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