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LOL New Entertainment Mode Exposure Soaring Mode Crystal Battlefield


    Rama sand are slipping from the crystal, brings us to the next mode of entertainment - soaring.


    This time we try to change the rules a little, to bring you the most competitive game modes.



    - Soaring mode is a 5v5 mode performed on the crystal
    - Sand will limit the crystal to the movement speed of the map center. You need a new holy vessels of gold jewelry to send to the fighting platform.
    - Victory is based on the number of points to set. The first team to get 200 points to win!
    - Points can kill enemy heroes (1:00), occupied Rama ruins (3:00) or kill the living fly (5:00) to obtain.
    - In the center of the map is an ancient biological sandstorm center, Xerath. Any person can get to kill him soaring. Soaring give you powerful and double kill points. This power comes at a cost, all of the healing effect will be reduced, so try to burn it!


    Known BUG:
    Some sound is missing, we are trying to add background and loading interface is still in the design.

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