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LOL New Hero Chinese Dragon Ao Shin Design Concept


    Because League in the world constantly evolving, so each region's customs and culture but also continue to give us inspiration. Currently we are still thinking the conceptual stage, but this is a very interesting new hero Oh! Look o Shin) now! Which is a powerful natural guardian "Storm Dragon." When the AO Virginia legend into a great crisis, Ao Shin will fall from the sky.




    To say what the name of the inspiration for it! Legendary dragon king surnamed Ao, in charge of water and weather. This will have an orientation: an elegant and in power, has a focus and principles of man. Shin this name can represent many things, one of which is the word prosperity also means that the rise of the storm. Ao Shin this new element brought two meanings, one is to moisturize allies mushrooming of good luck; one is to be used to destroy the enemy's storm.


    In order to produce a design team for the dragon's hero has for some time, but we know that not only do all the dragon. With the introduction of each new hero, we continue to try and promote technical and creative limits. We look forward to Ao Shin, too, may now be faced with the challenge of how to catch the dragon's unique structure and operation. Currently many of the details are still very primitive level, but we are very excited about how this hero thing moving above the battlefield.


    Ao Shin is not going to come out the next new hero, is still unknown. But we hope that we can give our Summoner inspiration, let us look at a hero in the early design thinking process. I hope you will also excited about the potential of this hero, because we will continue efforts.


    You can also see the future with Udyr Ao Shin interactive comic!




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