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LOL New Map Mode Summoner Canyon 2V2 Large Exposure


    Heroes Union will launch a new model? There are players on the server LOL Indonesia found a Summoner Canyon 2V2 mode, as the details, such as national service applications will be known after the.
    In Indonesia, the official FB page LOL, man-machine battle mode, we see that the twisted jungle and domination battlefield maps are gone, replaced by a "Summoner Canyon 1V1, Summoner Canyon 2V2, Summoner Canyon 5V5." If this is not not clear, here is the national dress of the man-machine interface war, I believe that players should be able to tell the difference at a glance the bar.
    LOL above the official FB page from Indonesia, but also failed to apply formal dress, what kind of situation it is 2V2? Stay tuned RNLOL up reports.

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