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LOL Next New Hero Guns Black Background Has Exposed



    Do you remember a month ago in every BBS circulated: temple gun and lucien image figure?


    This appearance before the sword demon burst out of the image map is a lot of people laugh it off as a false news, but suddenly broke the news yesterday fist to some new heroes Brief Background, also released weapon chart, suddenly letting it all real.


    Then the fist official German forum, there is a new hero fist staff broke the news without any range attack skills adc.


    When we first saw this weapon, we are proud to accept the task of our life. They tell us that the runesterra demons cleared. Down with decay and collapse, let them go back to where they should be, forever never looked back.


    Not just one person can pick up these weapons, you need a pure heart, a fearless soul. Bouquet from the depths of the body can illuminate all the world's darkness light. Once I have this beam of light, now, I do not know.


    Everything changed. We knew our mission was greater than ourselves. The enemy was not who we fought, but what we fought.


    Things to change, marshes, our responsibility more important than our own, choose an enemy who does not lie, lie in my heart.


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