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LOL Official Hero Positioning ADC Renamed Sharpshooter


    Recently, fist design director Morello announced in the official forum of the latest hero positioning name. In the future, the company will fist positioned Heroes: assassin, mage, tanks, support, melee, Marksman. In fact, in addition to sharpshooter ADC's name was changed, the rest of the positioning of the name of the hero much change did not occur.

    For ADC renamed "sharpshooter", Morello also made explanation. "In fact, sharpshooter this title more accurately describe those remote physical output hero. Ago we called them ADC, people will subtly that you took this type of hero, you must Carry team and in fact, not like this the. LOL is a team-based game, I can not think those remote physical output or a hero is the only team able to act as the main hero roles Carry if you still call them ADC, well just you. official but we control them later on called a sharpshooter. "Morello said.

    Later, we want to play in the qualifying time if the physical type remote output hero, can shout: "XX floor sharpshooter."

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