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LOL Polar Fuzion Tactical Thinking


    Polar Fuzion line on this map there for some time, I summed up what few tactical points after numerous times into the pit of the pit.


    First, POK, before this map 6 is relying on remote hero constantly through skills POK each other, forcing the other pushed to the tower, then we can better to consume the tower of the blood. After six more can be achieved through POK after the big trick hero with mission control skills can be forced to carry out the opposite team battles, leading the group off or turned down the other side of the towers, so you can continue to compress each other's living space.


    Second, the sudden, those that can be directly cut in the back of those onrush type heroes, they are on the other side AD or AP greatest threats, such as stone people, piano woman, Nami, etc., these are the strong upper hand, or flac heroes, they can force the other to open the case of the passive group, so you can limit each output bit in team fights on the side CARRY damage.


    Third, push the tower, which is the core of this map tactical thinking, as long as our soldiers pushed to the other side of the tower line, the remote hero can continue to consume the tower of the blood, forcing the other bowls line through skills to achieve a reasonable consumption cycle.


    Fourth, protect the output, in the side remote output hero limited circumstances, not to indulge in the output device, but the constant of the other heroes to increase their armor and magic resistance and blood in the team battles on when the remote output to protect themselves as much as possible to keep the output of a long time, even if it is their own dead, so long as the party won the team battles is reasonable.


    Fifth, experience, facing each other with such Juggernaut IMBA hero type, then try to silence or halo skills such repressive Juggernaut when open E or can instantly be able to release the Juggernaut seconds off the time, Juggernaut such a strong upper hand control of the output, and then to harvest those tanks. This is also in polar Fuzion ideas in team battles.


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