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LOL Powers Of The European ESports Alliance Team


    Team profile: December 2013 Dota2 LOL Division World Champion Alliance was founded, and lists the team list, in addition to the world's first Anivia: outside Froggen, as well as the world's first knife sister Irelia, the world's first Fizz: Tabzz so far Alliance team began the impact of European hegemony.




    2014 LCS European Spring Race playoffs four.
    LCS European championship finals.

    North American competitors:



    Team staff analysis for each position:


    Top solo: Wickd
    European clothing Rank points: the strongest king
    Specializes hero:
    Irelia, Renekton, Jax, Shyvana etc.
    On behalf of the hero: Irelia
    Profile: Wickd briefly played for SK, after joining CLG after the dissolution of the European division, the team found the current restructuring sponsorship so far.
    Individual level: lead before he Froggen with repeatedly achieved excellent results, is one of the Top solo hottest players in the world, has the world's first Irelia said, so technology is impeccable, the current state of concerned, as the summer season in Europe Top solo overlord, I believe he will continue to lead the team toward the World Series S4 attack, is bound to win a ticket.


    Jungle: Shook
    Nickname: unknown
    European clothing Rank points: the strongest king
    Specializes hero:
    Evelynn, Elise, etc.
    On behalf of the hero: None
    Profile: Shook is a controversial player, he previously played for the Copenhagen Wolves team, and to show his strength in the S3 spring season, making him into the ranks of the European Jungle line, but because of his own bad behavior (see photo it is very funny), was suspended Riot company to November, is now able to return to the competitive arena, and joined the Alliance today.
    Individual level: for Shook, I think we are not very understanding, because of the time he joined the Alliance team, and soon, in 2013 was suspended for personal reasons but also because the fist company to November, after joining the Alliance team began the campaign in Europe LCS, personal good Evelynn and Elise, pass relatively radical, is a offensive player, like gank road, weakness in the hero pool, the highest frequency of use is Elise and Elise this high outbreak law Jungle, can easily be against opponents.


    Mid solo: Froggen
    European clothing Rank points: the strongest king
    Specializes hero:
    Anivia, Orianna, etc.
    On behalf of the hero: Anivia
    Profile: Froggen once in EG team, after joining CLG.EU, then later left the original team rediscovered after CLG European division sponsored reorganization Alliance varsity game so far. Meanwhile Froggen Mid solo is the most popular players, has a huge community of fans, there are two amazing Farm records, official game 23 minutes 12 seconds using Anivia 300 up a knife and European clothing diamond qualifying with Karthus 421 knives, known as the world's first Anivia said, while China has a lot of fans.
    Individual level: the individual level without doubt, we can say that the European nid soloNO.1, but for AD eruption AP class and high class heroes use less, like the use of the late hero, generally speaking, nid solo is the core of the team's players, his success relates to the fate of Alliance team.


    ADC: Tabzz
    European clothing Rank points: the strongest king
    Specializes hero:
    Twitch, Kog'Maw, Fizz, etc.
    On behalf of the hero: Fizz
    Profile: Tabzz fame hero is Fizz, but he began his career after SNS, has been used as AD Carry position in SNS played some achievements after being acquired Lemon Dogs, and won the European summer season to participate in LCS qualifications, Although nothing gains on S3 finals, but after joining the lineup luxurious Alliance will make him shine.
    Individual level: Known as the world's first Fizz, details of the deal is in place (refer to the hero) but an ADC perspective, currently his performance in the LCS European summer season can only say that in general, in the confrontation with teams when, under the road is difficult to obtain the advantages of the combination, the hero of proficiency in adc and details of processing enough place to walk, regarded as one of team A short board.


    Support: Nyph
    European clothing Rank points: the strongest king
    Specializes hero: Thresh, Morgana, Braum more.
    Profile: Previously played for SK clan, the clan now joined Alliance as an auxiliary to date.
    Individual level: Nyph is a seasoned player, a deep understanding of the game, with a strong sense of the map, he is good at some of the defense, protection type of assistance, but the walk is not enough, and some details of the deal in place, needs to be strengthened.




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