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LOL Ranked Number One In Korea Tour Ranking All Year


    This week, LOL has been nearly a year to maintain week ranked first, Aion, Blade and Soul share declined slightly. To the city of light, Diablo 3 remain ninth and tenth in the rankings.


    About Korea FPS and MMORPG players game players and game time
    In Korea public survey data show, MMORPG players in the Internet gaming overall 18.4%, while the FPS players selected overall in Internet gaming accounts for 34.4%, far more than the former. Game time, MMORPG players who are 3-4 hours / day, FPS players 1-2 hours / day, you can see the average game time MMORPG players are FPS players about twice the average game time.


    About Korea Internet survey website Gametrics
    Gametrics owned Korea 13000 Internet networking, every day in the major areas of Korea pulled out a certain number of representatives Internet, statistics and game start time and the average game time, running times, detailed data, concluded that the entire game market share and the average game time. The site reached 95% credibility of the data.


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