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LOL Rune Barriers Too OP Is Considering To Delete This Equipment


    Riot designer microblogging broke the plan to remove barriers to this piece of equipment Rune: "Rune barriers too bunkers so we are ready to roll up out this piece of equipment, this piece of equipment gave the armor gave magic resistance gave life, is simply to travel home banditry of the necessary equipment - also shows that it is too limiting other attire, so take it off the line and then we'll modify the Legion shield into professional magic props anti-halo, while adding a lot of bunkers monomer magic resistant equipment - - but this is currently undecided plans, Yuan Fang are now and how you look? "

    Rune Barrier: +300 Health +20 Armor +30 Magic Resist unique aura - legion: allied heroes around for 10 Armor, 25 Magic Resist, and 10 Health Regen / 5 seconds. The halo effect on the friendly soldier 50% increase. (The same name as the unique aura effect does not stack.) Price: 2950G

    This piece of equipment is the AP lineup against one of the most useful equipment, cheap prices, good attributes make him a most even playing field on the single auxiliary favorite. But this piece of equipment high cost and purpose is not clear bonuses do not seem to fit the tastes of Riot designers, they plan to remove and cut this piece of equipment to add new magic resistance equipment, so deal with the AP attire more targeted, rather than waking up the barriers Rune Legion shield. This design in the end will not mind it players?

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