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LOL S3 World Finals Fun Match Statistics


    1.TSM is the only one participated in all the third World Finals teams;


    2.Cyanide and xPeke (Fnatic) at the first session of the World Finals defeated sOAZ and YellOwStaR (aAa), now these four people are in the Fnatic team in;


    3. Third World Finals players have participated have Reginald, Dyrus, TheOddOne, Xpecial, Yellowstar;


    4 Only two teams again in S2 S1 World Finals: TSM and CLG;

    Only three teams again in S2 S3 World Finals: TSM, Najin Sword and Gambit;


    5 three participating S2 and S3 World Finals teams TSM, Gambit Gaming / Moscow 5, and NaJin Sword No one is to keep the same team players participating;


    6 twice at the world finals and is currently in the S3 World Finals on the list of players fighting:


    Watch (2x - S2 S3 - NaJin Sword)

    SSONG (2x - S2 S3 - NaJin Sword)

    PraY (2x - S2 S3 - NaJin Sword)

    Cain (2x - S2 S3 - NaJin Sword)

    Dyrus (3x - S1 - Epik Gamer | S2 S3 - TSM)

    TheOddOne (3x - S1 S2 S3 - TSM)

    Reginald (3x - S1 S2 S3 - TSM)

    Xpecial (3x - S1 S2 S3 - TSM)

    sOAZ (2x - S1 - aAa | S3 - Fnatic)

    Cyanide (2x - S1 S3 - Fnatic)

    xPeke (2x - S1 S3 - Fnatic)

    YellOwStaR (3x - S1 - aAa | S2 - SK | S3 - Fnatic)

    Darien (2x - S2 S3 - M5/GG)

    Diamondprox (2x - S2 S3 - M5/GG)

    Alex Ich (2x - S2 S3 - M5/GG)

    Genja (2x - S2 S3 - M5/GG)

    S3 is not on the list but I attended two previous World Finals players list

    Chaox (S1 S2 - TSM)

    HotshotGG (S1 S2 - CLG)

    Bigfatlp (S1 S2 - CLG)

    Doublelift (S1 - Epik Gamer | S2 - CLG)

    Chauster (S1 S2 - CLG)

    Kev1n (S1 - GAMED.DE | S2 - SK)

    Nyph (S1 - GAMED.DE | S2 - SK)


    7 each session of the Competition on the number of players an area or country

    S1 - 9 (USA, Canada, Poland, Finland, Spain, Germany, France, Philippines, Singapore)

    S2 - 15 (USA, Canada, Russia, Armenia, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Scotland, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Spain, France, China, Vietnam) + 8 (Qualifier Teams - Poland, Finland, Lithuania, Sweden, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines) = 23

    S3 - 18 (USA, Canada, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Korea, Philippines, Bulgaria, Lithuania, France, Finland, Spain, Estonia, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Netherlands, Russia) + 17 (Qualifier teams - Armenia, Australia, Turkey, Argentina, Brazil, Ukraine, Belgium, Scotland, Sweden, Czech Republic, Poland, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Mexico, Uruguay) = 35


    8 third game of the regional or national team players on behalf of the largest number of regional or national


    USA: SaintviciousChausterWestriceDan DinhSalceDyrusDoubleliftTheRainManReginaldXpecial


    USA: DyrusReginaldXpecialVoyboyDoubleiftChausterIWillDominateScarraimaqtpiePatoy

    China: CaomeiWeixiaoMisayaClearLoveFZZFPDDilluSioNZz1taiKidXiaoXiao


    Korea: ExpessionWatchSSONGPraYCainHommeDanDydadeimpMataImpactbengiFakerPigletPoohManDu

    USA: BallsMeteosHaiSneakyLemonNationDyrusReginaldXpecialSycho SidXmithieMancloudZuna


    9 out of TSM team ultimately received only runner-up (S1 and S2 of aAa Azubu Frost)


    10 world championship finals of the championship team are the first to lose a game to win

    S1 Fnatic in the finals after being aAa acquire next game tied (Fnatic because Zhezu championship competition system obtained 1-0 ), 2-1 to win the final draft

    S2 TPA in the final, Azubu Frost before the next city, later, TPA three straight sets to win the game;


    11 World Finals debut country

    Norway - Nudeduck (Lemondogs)

    Netherlands - Tabzz (Lemondogs)

    Bulgaria - Bloodwater (Vulcun)

    Lithuania -

    Estonia - Voilde (Gambit) and puszu (Fantic)


    12.Yellowstar in the third game represents a different clan battle

    (S1: aAa, S2: SK Gaming, S3: Fnatic);

    I do not know what to say

    The basketball in that so and so win a championship than pity others are


    13.Reginald, TheOddOne and Xpecial third games are played with TSM representatives;


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