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LOL Ten Wonderful Inventory Pitfalls Novice Mistake


    Start a game, my friends had to do the perfect preparation. Many people even when reading articles in the game to create a look for yourself WC perfect state, so that they can play to the extreme. Of course, always peek into the tragedy. Went online, I thought I was doing everything perfect, but a look to the lower left corner, but found he did not go out with equipment. I believe that most players have experienced a similar problem. Therefore, fitted out is essential, it is at least a few levels to ensure the players before viability. This humorous mistakes, or less guilty as well.


    Flashed in the league hero has become necessary for us every game Summoner skills to reach this level in Summoner after 12 can have the skills, the use of life insurance for the kill and are very effective. However, in the flash CD players Shique is relatively vulnerable. 300 seconds time a CD is quite long, so this is necessarily Summoner skills need to be careful to use. Of course, inevitably some exceptions, most of the players in the game beginning to communicate with the players. But before the first exchange need to press the Enter key to summon the chat box. Or is likely to result in tragedy. Small series in a few days ago to bring some tragedy, just entering the game was about to happy to communicate with teammates, failed to call out the chat box, the results in front of his teammates face, sparkling pay off the flash. At that time me and my teammates were all shocked!


    Flash must be important, and every time we are ready to use it properly will still often an error. Say to you and kill the enemy, then you have a flash would be a happy thing. To let you know that a flash of misery, to the brave new world. But do not overestimate the thickness of the wall and flashed in the distance. Otherwise you are not facing a beautiful new world, but the enemy's clutches, as well as tens of thousands of skilled hit your head. Focus is against the wall the moment even feel you bounce a little, everyone knows the wall that moment, you have a feeling of heartbreak.


    The topic is always a lot of flash, but Xiaobian has experienced a very memorable things yourself: Once escape, in front of a wall but accidentally flashed against the wall, the results of the two men chasing me through the wall past success the. I believe more than one person experienced such a thing. However, when it happens, brought more than just his own laughter. Imagine people who make such mistakes when they know the truth, I would day whether roar loudly "OH MY GOD".


    R button as a great trick skills is what we have in six after a super skills, but the CD is a long time. Therefore, when it is necessary to identify the use of timing. But inevitably there will be some mistakes, such as empty big. If we say that the big move on the most interesting one mistake, and that is none other than put a walk to the big road. Who admitted that he not had such a mistake? While walking to put a big move, and the big empty. So what happens when you are out before making his big move when walking to put it. Is because they are typing or finger misplaced keys? All in all, this has become the most outrageous big air.


    Gravedigger as a single on survival in LOL world, there is usually a lot of players said gravedigger is the single most disgusting hero. However for some just entering LOL friends who may also directly on the hero some do not. So wonderful event took place: a dragon had died, and then gravedigger big move sets to Dragon, so his old battles continued life, to see him up and he resolutely open R ran to higher ground when the has died ...... From this, just to play LOL little friends of the hero or the need for more understanding.


    Saying before the revision, igniting this skill can give to soldiers is on, so there are a lot of players will even steal dragon or dragons when the ignition point to the dragon's body. But the question arises, if the enemy hero soldier standing in the middle of a lot of fight will accidentally ignited point to the soldier on. It can really allow players to tears. Sometimes a lit enough to spike the opposite, however, a mistake not to kill, but also appear to be opposite to the danger of anti-kill. Ignition risk, use caution. Of course, the fist company seems to see this problem, will ignite the words "hero who can only use the" This is totally solved the small partners into the soldier's point of danger.


    Shoes from the beginning to now could have been more than double, so players need to be careful when buying the same. One is not careful to point out two pairs of shoes will cause the danger, to know more than his shoes, the effect is not additive. And for 325 bucks for the pre is very precious. Sold it inevitably makes players feel pity. There are two pairs of words, his teammates would laugh at you even seen. This kind of thing is very hard to tell people.


    Icebird is positioned in the middle, it can be said when it was in the middle of an infinite brush soldiers. A wall can also be at a critical moment to save his life, and even make their teammates died in the flames.


    A true story, I remember a few days ago with a friend just to play LOL, only nine and then asked me, "When Faerie Witch enemy into small animals, I can kill you with discipline?" At that time I was stunned. What gives us the novice disciplinary much misunderstanding it? LOL I had just entered, probably watching Summoner skills took a punishment after they go out, and thought. This is a disciplinary one will be able to play more than 400 blood, and second you do not like to play like? Then until the end of the game I did not use to be able to punish an enemy hero.


    Summary: Skills at risk, need to be cautious. Not every one can use the skills in place, then at least to ensure that friends do not let mistakes become very wonderful, laughter, nature is a good thing, but if the mistake caused due to lost the game, I believe that this is not the players who are hope.


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