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LOL Testing Services In Eretz Skills To Modify And Then Cut Weien E


    July 23, fist company has made ​​some of the measured service adjustments. The information published yesterday, Nakano changes have been applied to the current testing services clients. And again today Ruiz and Weien tragically weakened.

    Hero modification


    Movement speed reduced to 335 from 340

    Editor: All skills in Juarez after casting distance is shortened, to raise the fist company said his movement speed. In today's testing services, the Ritz but the movement speed is reduced, do not know the designer or malicious sell Meng appeared BUG.


    Skill E: cast range decreased from 650 to 550 (although the range indicator is not to make changes, but in fact has become shorter distance cast)

    Equipment modification

    Ancient Golem fine soul

    Health bonus from $ 450 came back to the 500



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