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LOL The Esports Strategies Promoting The Development Of Esports In China


    Recently, LOL simultaneous global online breaking news as well as 5 million the same period published "e-sports" strategy, so this operation is only three products become the focus of global attention. At the same time, China has been quiet gaming along with the popular online gaming such re revitalize the industry have pointed out, LOL activate the global e-sports, and is closely related with this eSports people ushered in the spring.


    If counting from the first WCG domestic e-sports development has been more than ten years of history. More than ten years, South Korea has developed into a complete gaming industry, and to the formation of a popular culture, however, many people dream of sustenance eSports in the country's development is very bumpy.


    Previously, the income of China's top players just a few percent of Korean players, but in recent years, through LOL other excellent sports game development and marketing, sports games sports entertainment and build competitive spirit not only convey the incentive people uplifting positive energy, more so domestic gaming circles has undergone enormous changes, more and more power running hand emerged, they have a chance to race more than their predecessors, more generous prize money (2012 LOL on invested five million dollars as the world's Champions League prize money, called the game in the history of the first heavy events), as well as more radiant stage, China's position is electrically campaign hand closer to South Korea.


    Race teams and players need to maintain, LOL providing a wealth of events and opportunities for fame, five million dollars more for the S2 league spawned an emerging player gaming madness and clubs.


    2013, LOL released the "e-sports" strategy, the official announcement will be teams, clubs standardized management, and vigorously support small clubs, which greatly improved the living environment of electric campaign hand, the Chinese continue to decline almost electrically competing industry has injected new vitality.


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