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LOL The New Ultimate Luxury Skin May Belong To Diana


    Remember said before, the new ultimate skin to be on sale yet? This does not, lost and lonely again gamers to design director Morello out. In short, this be revealed a lot about this new information about the ultimate skin, first of all, this hero is already established, and visual information through forums this skin has been completed. Then let us blind guess this hero who I am!


    Glen is also the official designer for this forum to interact with the players revealed a variety of information. Glen said the new skin is uncertain attribution hero, but he is working, the evening of June 7, he posted in the forum to solicit the views of players.


    Recently the United States serving a bright moon goddess Diana forum upload a new skin will be out of the news, this Glen case commented, "under an ultimate skin may also belong to Diana, because her skin is only two, I hope for her to create an ultimate skin because I love to use Diana Still, Diana is not a popular hero, but barely considered a new hero, does not meet the criteria to guess. "However, the goddess of moonlight W skill: PalECascade meet the conditions Morello

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