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LOL US Service Patch 3.9 Will Be Online Tonight


    Ladies and gentlemen, a major good news --- 3.9 patch will be expected tonight in the United States serving on the line. The following is a designer Rival Riot released official notice:


    "Hey Summoners Hello everyone, we are pleased to inform you that 3.9 patch to get on the line tonight! We will in the Pacific Standard Time on July 10 at 1:30 am (Beijing time at 17:30 on July 10) officially the server maintenance, then qualifying will be suspended for any period of the game in the maintenance will not be logged. Houwudier this update the ultimate skin formally launched, with it comes in as well as in testing service a series of changes to the new hero Lu Xian and easy to master after the redo is not yet at the line. "


    Today will be preoccupied with the new patch, and strive to be the latest and most complete information about the fastest presented to you, so stay tuned.

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