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League Of Legends Australia Server Will Open Before The End Of This Year


    Server in Russia and Latin America server is turned on, the fist company ED also announce a message: Australia server at the latest by the end of 2013 will be open.


    Recently, the fist company employees to the players on the official forums confirmed this news. In addition, the fist company will help Australia to promote local development of electronic games. After the server is turned on in Australia, where the players no longer withstand the high latency 200ping serving in the U.S. for the game. By then, they will freely cast non-directional skills, make knives, conventional techniques to show the game, bring them to fully enjoy the fun of the game.


    And before it was rumored fist in Japan, the company will open a new server, to which they have not yet issued an official response. It seems, want to go to daily service for the game players have to wait up. Playing League of Legends can be a frustrating experience when your skill and your teammates' skills are not equal. We are here to help you about that. We provide the comprehensive LOL Elo Boost and LOL IP service, I guarantee that you definitely will not have any regrets!


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