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League Of Legends Increasingly Popular In India


    India is a large country universally recognized software can be PC penetration in India has always been a topic is embarrassing. India has over 1 billion so a country with a population, the computer penetration rate and 10% do not. And India's broadband speeds worse than China, in 2011 the main drift speed of 256kbps, 2012 The Indian mobile speed is ranked last (China penultimate). As the most populous country after China, India, the game market is also being taken seriously, but the premise is that they must improve the existing PC penetration and speed issues.


    Although faced with the embarrassment of the above said problems, but India is a big country software, mainly for Europe, the United States and Japan to provide software development business, the industry led to the game development industry: Disney, Ubisoft, EA have games in India merger or acquisition developer, Zynga has established studios in India, China, India, TOM Online has acquired mobile game developer. Indian native game developers recently also a good momentum of development, stand-alone games, electronic games, social games are covered.


    Recently, smart phones, tablet computers, social networking and cloud computing technology has attracted entrepreneurs and investors in India's interest. As game developers and game distributors is becoming more diverse and the game gradually get rid of the impact of cyclical effects, the game industry's development will become increasingly strong.


    In recent years, Internet cafes have sprung up in major cities all over India, even small towns have 4-5. Sadly, the home network is limited by the speed, very fond of Indian youth to Internet cafes to play games together. Huobian north and south in China "League of Legends", in India the same fiery youth, they gather to the cafe every day to play with LOL. India has its own server, looks like India League of Legends on television, advertisements.


    Gaming industry in India is also being sought. Learned from a friend, Indian youth usually the most favorite game is eSports game. They are also often organize their own gaming contest and often some items include Starcraft 2, League of Legends, Counter Strike and so on. Even the organizers had invited to the famous Russian League of Legends teams Moscow5 come tournament. Probably because gaming is just emerging in India, India to hold such large-scale gaming competitions, many unexpected situations can not timely manner.

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