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League Of Legends Quinn Model Details Will Redo


    Recently, Economic of Legends attire has the official BBS forum with players, points out why DE Marcia's wing quinn module seems low resolution?


    Players noted that quinn's armor seems does not cover the body completely, the blue area of the body completely have no armor texture, worse into phoenix and no body armor; And shoes as if also is made of very coarse. Moreover, as the archers, quinn's quiver is always empty, and never with arrows in the hands of action, and to feel the quiver and skin is stick together module. Hand arrow look like lego, and phoenix bow like cosplay then TuCheng golden use plastic production.


    Players with wei and quinn to do comparison. Players think, wei hand knuckles module not only beautifully made, and even details and metal connecting part is also very carefully, and also is more meticulous than kwai, hair, and wei corset not only can see the belt, stripes, the focus is on wei and his shoes on. They question, quinn is very rush to open out the role?


    Official recognition designer IronStylus, quinn is very hasty to make product, they will redesign quinn's skin. And in the following notes, he took his Diana for example, the designer in manufacturing when Diana's heart has a clear characters personality, thus to make up the module for will come more smoothly. And quinn just instead, her personality is still in ideation stage, quinn is in fact a two-handed swords assassin, designers to take to make the batman. Quinn began to open, but then the details of the process is not satisfied, defined as a ranger but



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