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League of Legends Is A Casual Online Games Without Time Consuming


    With increasingly busy now working on schoolwork, tired from a day at home to draw people to play the game time has been difficult, so in this era of fragmentation playtime, both relaxation and entertainment of the game without having to spend too much energy more emerge, the rest of the time we play what? Here I will take stock of those who can pass the time a good game.




    League of Legends
    League of Legends has great popularity as a work, is certainly a lot of players to choose entertainment, rich hero, simple playable gameplay, players covering small to teenage dolls, large bearded old flower Grandpa, can see them and looked at the screen line and ah line and focus on the scene. Although there are some voices have been questioned League of difficulty of the operation, it is because she can easily get started qualities perfectly playable, wonderful intense competitive, clever fusion of various elements, it won the now so vast sky. Familiar words small line and cheer, great line and beverages, something all right line and line and ah, relaxed happy like gods.




    Planet marginal 2

    Also shooting games, marginal two planets with their own unique perspective, clever ideas, the original single combat becomes a game of three-dimensional combat the Trinity. When different vehicle how to join will produce a chemical reaction it? Tanks, fighters, transports, various branches of the military tactics of the match, so that war becomes confusing. If the traditional FPS weapons have not excite your passion, then play another mechanical vehicle, always make you rekindle the passion.



    StarCraft 2

    As a classic sequel, StarCraft 2 regardless of the screen or a new arms design, there are enormous qualitative leap, when tested alone from just announced the release of prize melee screen large enough shock to both Starcraft or do not play Starcraft players. As a strategy game, Starcraft 2 is similar among the crowd, and because there is no traditional concept of hierarchy in online games, so at first glance seems to be very good casual game can be slightly more difficult Dangxia a lot of entry- white with hand revenant. Can charm lies in competitive games, gorgeous operation shocked the audience, changing the tense war exciting, so do not be afraid to play bad, there is intense competition can be seen.


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