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League of Legends Key to Victory is S4 Team Vision Control


    In the league of LegendsS4 version, we had the vision mechanism is completely familiar with subversion, 400 disappeared, and the price is not really invisible eye, increasing the seventh frame jewelry props in the early stages makes it difficult to adapt. Vision for the team, especially those who do not have the slightest concept of ADC control players, and some do not understand the importance of playing field vision control players.


    Today let us to the United States serving both the players: totally understand vision control ADC Doublelift, and the current gold support Xpecial North America recently to talk about the importance of team qualifying circumstances vision.


    Our detailed statistics Doublelift 12 May 3 to 7 December day in 20 games in qualifying, and Xpecial 12 6th to December 9th day of the 20 games in qualifying. Which Doublelift 12 wins and 8 losses, there are two games to play support position, Xpecial 13 wins and 7 losses, 2 games use a single hero, a use ADC.


    Xpecial as a support, a loyal supporter of red ornaments, where he ranks in 20 games in qualifying, only one field and no one uses red ornaments, 12 games have a red ornaments, seven have two red ornaments. Which has eight games, the two sides battle over a total of three red ornaments.


    When one Xpecial where to obtain certain advantages, they can pass these two red ornaments constantly squeezing each other's vision, aggression other Nakano resources to achieve the expansion of one's own advantage, and get the purpose of victory.


    And Doublelift, we can see that he is not optimistic about the recent qualifying, although there are some other reason plateau, but the use of red ornaments on the team Double lift is located far below where Xpecial team, which has five games team tournament Doublelift where no red ornaments, 11 games with a red ornaments, just four games his team has two red ornaments. The two sides battle is just a game of red ornaments over three of.


    Red jewelry usage is relatively low, which is currently the North American servers throughout the problems, you know, little red jewelry case number less than 3 appears on the high end hanbok qualifying. No red jewelry + vision control real eye formed when the wind is difficult to expand the advantage, but when the wind is due to lack of vision and arbitrary intrusion by the other wild areas, or is the other Gank. Thus, the vision S4 version control is crucial, but very difficult to grasp place.


    Yellow jewelry really is the safest and most popular choice, but when you are playing a support or wild, you more than others to consider how to protect one's own vision Nakano, and how to control the other party can control the vision.


    Blue jewelry is not useless, we have statistics to diamonds and above qualifying, about every 21 games will be a blue ornaments, but the current situation, blue jewelry can bring comprehensive income lower than the red and yellow jewelry.


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