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League of Legends New Players Guide From A Senior Esport Players


    The following excerpt from a LOL new player experiences hoping to help more LOL Players.

    Although i have only three months exposure League grades are less than 30 but the membership of four years Dota (LOL also dota class ) university based competitive gaming experience can still teach the so-called path all the way to lead is also, I hope to give some of the newcomers are still groping his way with the help of the upper.

    League newcomers face giving them guidance when we often inadvertently say: Control soldiers line pay attention to the small map money can buy eye.

    But I regret have to say, in fact, these newcomers to passers completely useless but many times you will get worse results - the actual situation is that soldiers line control is out of practice over time newcomers do not completely come; see a small map inevitably distracted newcomers did not have so much energy; even bought most of them would not understand how to do that.

    Then just contact the game's newcomers, in the end how to do to get rid of it faster NOOB hat?


    First, choose a novice hero to the right and try to persevere for long-term use. If you can play the ultimate one hero then for this hero is you're already a master. In this process I believe you are right maps, equipment and other heroes have a certain understanding. When you use the hero enough to cope with a normal race ( relative to the open black ) capability of the time, you can switch to other heroes try to practice and to know ourselves only know yourself the real experts will be used to do at least half of the heroes - Of course, this is something.

    But not all are suitable for novice heroes like people often can be the king of barbarians sick to death of the other side but the real open free to the Barbarians when they found a variety of playing all kinds do not fly off the barbarians appeared. Many seemingly inspiring hero did not actually imagine everyone is so imba while newcomers need help to get started is a hero. So they naturally want to mention our choice for the novice hero - Dema West of the force, yes, Dema West! Never underestimate this from the outset, along with the player's guy. Q Skills acceleration ( viability ) and injuries W skill given human shields potential ( viability ), E skills and a strong ability to lift harassment debuff effect ( viability ) and R skill powerful explosive end power combined W skill release that sound exciting " Dema West! " doomed it would be a simple and crude popular type of hero - and this is the novice door needs! and when you want to play higher layer of the time, this masculine guy will not let you down Dema West and bushes story is always a hot topic and everyone - in the end is a grass Dema West achievements or the achievements of Dema West bushes only bushes players will know.

    Mentioned Dema West will naturally think the same as the years wandering hero free ice mage and archer many newcomers naturally as these two heroes heroes started to use. Then had tucao is really not suitable for these two heroes of the players new to the game to use - neither escape skills is born short-legged crispy even with seemingly good limit but for newcomers to most also said that in fact turned into a Nadu Governor Juggernaut super ghost warrior sword and his ilk for novice viability is always the first one and this is precisely when Xiaobian introduce Dema West repeatedly emphasized sake. So thought to want the power is turned Dema West Fuji beginners hero choice.

    Then, as a novice you can spend some time trying to look as familiar as well as a map of these competing carriers. Although less DotA in the woods around the magic of the classic story but LOL familiar with the map and bushes where players can also be proud of scenes to create a legend! Bushes ambush anti- kill through the wall of the attack or the getaway these only when you have sufficient understanding of the terrain can be done when.

    Finally since it is coming as a novice but please try to hold a disadvantage when in humility and accept the criticism and even less friendly teammates questioned heart. After all, this is not a man of the game, one person is not enough to bring the whole team defects. If you really did something wrong I remember them with sincerity and more and then try to observe and accept what they can give you useful advice. There was a philosophy of life inherent in DotA very impressed here also applies to our LOL newcomers:

    " A man is not the master of identifying standards are not kills nor is the number killed but the number of assists - the ability at any time can become much talent is the richest person.

    The identification of a person is not NOOB standard is not death, nor is operation and awareness but his obedient degree - without reference to the opinions of others megalomaniac destined to make a lifetime NOOB. Of course, the best way is to find a professional Elo Boosting or LOL Coaching Service Website, and you may also get a windfall, not only your level ranking improved!






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