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League of Legends Official Partner Logitech G series Full Presence ChinaJoy2013


    In May this year at the "Logitech G-series, must win technology" market conference, Logitech will be exhibiting ChinaJoy2013 disclosed the news. Conference site, Logitech to eight new models together and generous help out, announced the opening of its high-end gaming peripherals "Logitech G-series" brand, Tencent and other game manufacturers representatives personally congratulated both Logitech and domestic gaming giants iG team official signed cooperation.

    Now, the player has attracted wide attention Eleventh China International Digital Entertainment Expo (ChinaJoy) will be held July 25 -28 days held a grand, the world's leading provider of peripherals, Logitech League official partners will be as about bring its brand of high-end gaming peripherals Logitech G-series full presence, for the first time become ChinaJoy2013BTOC Pavilion exhibitors.

    In ChinaJoy2013, the Logitech booth set up on the N3 Hall No. 02-2, Logitech G-series includes eight new models, including all products will all be present appearance, all the players in the Logitech booth playing games, watching big beautiful women, experience a variety of High-end PC gaming peripherals. Logitech first time exhibitors will set a variety of activities to satisfy the audience: gorgeous Showgirl dance, hip-hop vibrant, exciting Flatland cycling performance, ultra-rhythmic jazz everything! Creative Cosplay will League (LOL) for a new interpretation of the role of the game for you spoiled for choice; live gaming competitions even more so hardcore gamers hooked, players can live with Showgirl clan to LOL few innings Tournament, players have a chance of winning with iG League team for a showdown! In addition, the Logitech booth also prepared over many gifts around, ready to go ChinaJoy scene you should not miss!

    As a professional gaming peripherals industry leading brands, the Logitech G-series since the release of actively working with the country's top game makers and top professional gaming teams reached the depth of cooperation, such cooperation will create peripherals, games, gaming win-win situation in different areas , but will effectively optimize the player's gaming experience. Logitech has now become a popular mainstream online games such as League of Legends official partner. iG League team's recent multi-field professional league with success, Logitech contributed to their professional gaming peripherals is iG team member training and competition in a strong protection, iG clan members often expressed through the microblogging Logitech G-series Products trust and love.

    Create excellent gaming peripherals is not easy, "Our product is not a simple toy, but after 'tempered' precision equipment." Logitech Chinese game products responsible person said, "By setting up Logitech laboratory in Lausanne, Switzerland research, applied the Logitech G-series worth looking forward to a number of cutting-edge technology. appearance trend has always merely superficial, and every one Logitech G-series products are driven by function, in order to do its utmost to help players born pole . "

    A series of outstanding performance will once again strengthen the Logitech G-series gaming peripherals in the PC leader position, Logitech's first show in ChinaJoy2013BTOC exhibition also worthy of our expectations!

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