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League of Legends One Hundred All Beginners Knowledge


    Brought to you today is a hero alliance 100 entry of small knowledge Novice Must See, experts also look at the best, maybe you do not know.

    1: Heroes difficulty of the operation is an important factor in selection novice.

    2: one has a human shield + auxiliary + output of the team easier access victory.

    3: The team has a dozen wild hero will help you better development.

    4: natural selection is more important than the runes, choose your style of play than talent to choose your equipment runes more important.

    5: French penetration runes runes more than spell damage by experts alike.

    6: Understanding the opponent's Summoner skills than knowing teammates Summoner skills is more important.

    7: Want to know your opponent's weaknesses Heroes demo please go to the hero himself.

    8: The start of the equipment, please choose your hero type attribute most.

    9: Portable potions can be more lasting stay on the line.

    10: Please arrange the props position, to facilitate more accurate by selected corresponding shortcut keys.

    11: Instead of waiting brush soldiers standing tower, it is better to go river bushes when lights.

    12: Please leave the ranks of the middle of the most powerful output.

    13: Road on the line if the other petty up the knife under the tower, immediately clear light enemy soldiers, soldiers line pressure in the past and returned to one's own Nakano playing field, and then back online to continue bowls.

    14: make knives mean last minute to make up the fatal knife. Jiang Bing full of blood hit the dead from the behavior called bowls.

    15: melee hero please go to the bushes near one's waiting up the knife.

    16: The soldier can help you ward off many skills, stand behind them.

    17: soldier would give priority attacks are attacking your hero, the initial attack your enemy hero soldier hurt less than a group of his injuries.

    18: three former potions can offset ignite damage.

    19: Players down the road, please idea investigative dragon area.

    20: Harassment clown playing field is very difficult, tried to grab him to death more difficult.

    21: insert the eye of all the players in the team thing.

    22: vision than any equipment you can not help save their lives.

    23: Any heroes are no package eye duties.

    24: Developing better the more players have the responsibility to buy eye.

    25: Plug in the bushes outside the eye is unable to see inside the bushes.

    26: grass seemingly calm, bloodshed, please do not always want to go take a look inside.

    27: Shoe is a hero out of the props Union must choose for you.

    28: The game is intended to pre-caught wild wild interfere with each other to fight, not to chase dead so far.

    29: Playing buff monster into the bushes and then when you're playing, so that the opponent does not feed the grass can not find, and give you plenty of opportunity to escape.

    30: Even when the playing field is not the monster into the bushes to fight, they would please go to the bushes, avoid enemies sit back and wait in the grass.

    31: If you get the opportunity to catch wild party, please grab buff, then kill.

    32: red and blue buff lasts only two and a half minutes, please do not waste time?? Have no chance to continue to fight money murder.

    33: red and blue buff five minutes after the death of the monster will be refreshed once, have a good time, timely detection and elimination.

    34:700 yuan armor, 740 yuan of magic resistance equipment, all meat is loaded in the most cost effective.

    35: Armor and Magic Resist up to 160 and then supports the blood is called sublimation.

    36: want to rely on equipment to enhance output capabilities, please order synthesis bulky.

    37: want to rely on equipment to enhance defense capabilities, please fill small pieces, then slowly synthesis.

    38: Less CD maximum limit is 40%. Talent can -9% -16% blue buff can, 300 yuan Blue Potion -10%,-cd equipment should not be more.

    39: Always press the TAB key to view game information you can better analyze trends in the game.

    40: TAB the most useless piece of information is your own, and see other people's attire and summoner spells, do not look at their record complacent.

    41: Left-click the enemy information displayed for you to help the largest data.

    42: click on your own hero avatar displayed information can make an objective assessment of your own abilities.

    43: towers will give priority to attack the enemy is attacking your hero.

    44: When you are in one's own towers down, please determine whether the hero opposite harass you with the skills, skills in the moments after he shot put dizziness, towers will help you fight waste him.

    45: Early Soldiers online disappear please notify the other teammates.

    46: Do not pre-Vietnam tower, tower more than hit the tower.

    47: In the case of safety consuming as many towers of the blood, because the blood can not return to the towers.

    48: When the opponent demolitions towers, the next goal is the tower behind you, restrain the withdrawal.

    49: Remember League victory determine the criteria for base explosion, not kill over a hundred.

    50: Early 2v2 when you want to take the initiative to attack when fighting in the mind to simulate the flow, otherwise please wait turnovers steadily.

    51: Early success kill 2v2 right across the line when there is no danger in the case not to rush home to recharge, the first demolition of the tower or play buff.

    52: When you need to go home supply or purchase equipment, please find the nearest soldiers or run out of magic then creeps back home.

    53: When you choose to buy the equipment, make the return trip will be selected to go home directly after purchase, saving time.

    54: return trip try to find a safe area, and always pay attention to the small map, to prevent the enemy attack.

    55: return trip is a surprise attack, the first time to press the spacebar to return to the main view, decisive use of escape or control skills, not tense.

    56: When you control the hero wandering around when crackling with wall-flashing skills please go.

    57: Flashing direction is more important than distance. Through-wall flashing, flashing back to his teammates, a far more useful to flash some distance away.

    58: being chased, the use of the bushes to escape is to escape into the bush does not go out after, and so on into the bushes opposite the hero of the moment in the opposite direction to escape.

    59: kill residual blood hero, you must observe the enemy position other heroes, not to kill too far.

    60: No escape skills Crispy hero please bring flash and buildup.

    61: Master the skills than some escape into his normal attack range is more important.

    62: on line recharge and recovery capabilities when faced with low hero, please crippled him.

    63: The line 2v1 when the enemy soldiers standing behind the line, first consider the experience of the other side pressure area then consider up a knife, do not even make up a knife.

    64: six starts is called the mid-game, mid-game to kill your teammates, grab the buff, push the tower.

    65: Interim arrests please give priority to kill opposite bounty hero, opposite buff hero.

    66: Interim Long Point near the high incidence of team battles, and pay attention reconnaissance.

    67: Nakano fighting, please mark the map to remind his teammates attention and give support.

    68: Screen hero avatar top left green dot indicates that the teammates have big move, a lot of attention.

    69: one relying on the calculation, play little more than rely on the skills to play more and more rely on the cooperation.

    70: Local map of all enemy heroes disappeared, only two possibilities, one hit Baron, the second is to hit you.

    71: Local hero figure is only an enemy appears, please think twice before arrested.

    72: twelve called the late start, late please go together, always ready to team battles. (Please BaoTuan win :)

    73: the late Baron is a region near the eye can not solve the problem.

    74: Mission after the war began only goal is to kill all across the output type hero.

    75: Do not hit the tank group fights, please do not hit the tank, do not hit the tank! (Omit million words)

    76: human shields heroes are all heroes in the least damage to you, please ignore him, and give priority to attack the greatest damage on your enemy.

    77: After the victory of the group fights only two options, one demolition of the tower, the second is Seino.

    78: team battles to gain advantage and successfully pushed the tower after you observe enemy hero resurrection time, avoid the resurrection reversed after war hero to join the battle.

    79: Do not group fights after losing one person plus a tower higher than trying to defend the two men lived across the offensive.

    80: Mission before the war, simply exchange then go to war, for example, need to know how long to wait teammates big strokes.

    81: Mission prewar walk to seize the opponent turnovers, and spike a successful control of the hero, the best option is to hold together a little retreat five people, skills, CD and soldiers waiting lines, and then focus on pushing the tower.

    82: turn the tide to come back top tactics called interpolation eye. Greater disadvantage poorer equipment, the more money should be put eye.

    83: $ 300 stores in late syrup can increase the winning team battles.

    84: The role of single control skills are only three: the upper hand control spike, FLAC control anti-escape, interrupting some of the hero's skills.

    85: As a main tank to absorb damage, disrupt formation is your main duties.

    86: As a sub-tank, limiting other DPS output, protecting one DPS is your main duties.

    87: As a DPS, your duty is only one, kill the enemy of all of the DPS, and survive.

    88: choose to have the ability to summon pets Hero game, you must skillfully operate your pet.

    89: Purchase of equipment have active skills before using the equipment must be familiar with the skills.

    90: Crispy human shields fitted out as a direct play tanks, tanks of the output device to play as a direct output, some of the mainstream.

    91: When you are fighting occurs tremor, confusion of ideas situation, the best solution is to follow the actions of your teammates, and put perspective on him, let him first shot, you help.

    92: When the mistake was scolded teammates when you persuade them. We talk about the quality of the problem, at least you were very high.

    93: Familiar with two to three positions hero a hero than to concentrate on practicing easier to find fun and easier to improve the technical and easier to make friends.

    94: When you become the best team record in person: to encourage teammates, you're the expert. Accusing his teammates, you are novices.

    95: Do not superstitious hero rankings, game updates, rankings will change.

    96: Do not let the gap between the levels of the game and angry accusations N years along beside you brother.

    97: Do not ignore the intense battle group desk phone ringtone.

    98: Do not anger because the game will fail to relatives.

    99: Do not delay the game to rest, poor physical condition, the game state will not be good.

    100: happy game, happy life.

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