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League of Legends Resolve Common Terms


    In League game communication between players are playing characters not all, each game has its own number of professional terminology, if not understand, then it is difficult to communicate and teammates, we want to help.


    AD: physical damage


    AP: Spell Damage


    T: refers to the Tank, human shields, armor high, blood and more able to withstand a lot of damage hero.


    DPS: damage per second, damage per second, refers specifically to inflict a lot of damage hero.


    Carry: post, core, requires a lot of money to accumulate equipment hero, after forming a great power, play a decisive role.


    Gank: Gangbang Kill acronym, a common tactic in the game, referring to more than two heroes fought the enemy Hero for the attack, outflanking, Weisha. Usually little more than play, also known as "catch people."


    Stun: stun skill with a general term also refers to the continuous caster to interrupt the opponent and casting techniques to interrupt the action.


    Solo: a line on a person, means the hero alone in a confrontation with the enemy online soldiers all the way, experience far more than other high-speed two-way upgrade.


    Aoe: area of ​​effect, the effect range, the idea was the effect of a range of skills


    Up the knife: refers to the little blood soldier eventual strike technology, which is attacking soldier soldier of money to get the final look, but also refers to the hero's final blow to get money.


    KS: Kill Steal the abbreviation refers specifically enemy Hero cause harm to get the last bit of money and kills, but in fact most of this hero damage caused by his teammates, also known as "grab the head."


    Soldiers line: refers to both sides of the line soldier fighting position.


    On-line: refers to one's own heroes and soldiers near the line of enemy heroes in confrontation.


    Control line: experts knife through skills and complement, the soldiers line stays in place their hope.


    Push the line: the use of skills, or high attack, quickly destroy the enemy soldier, and lead has Fang Xiaobing threaten or destroy enemy towers.


    Bowls: the use of skills, or high attack, rapid elimination of the enemy soldier, get money. Also known as brush soldiers fight money, the English "farm".


    Silence: You can move, capable of physical attacks, but can not use skills.


    Imprisonment: can not move, can use the skills, but not physical attacks.


    Vertigo: You can not move, can not attack, you can not use skills.


    Summoner Skills: Hero controller (players) can select their own skills, and has nothing to do with the heroes.


    Skills: Hero has a total of five skills, a hero dedicated passive skills; 4 for the hero of ordinary skill ordinary skill 4 cast key corresponds to Q, W, E, R, of which the first three skills to the highest five, the last one R key skills for the big move, the highest three.


    ULT: big move, R key skills.


    Talent: With Summoner upgrades, will receive talent points, the player can put talent points into attack lines, the Department of Defense and General department, and enhance the ability of the hero (different heroes can use different talent).


    Rune: Rune Summoner can purchase to enhance the ability of the hero (different heroes can use different runes).


    Grass: a map of the main road side grass, in the grass of the unit can be hidden, bushes outside the enemy can not see you, but you can see the grass outside enemies.


    Physical attacks: normal attack, referred to physical attack.


    Magic Attack: attack skills, referred injury law, the English abbreviation AP.


    Armor: physical defense, reduction of physical attack damage.


    Anti-magic: Magic defense, skill attack damage by reduction.


    CD: Cool down, cooldown, skills, time required to re-release the CD can not be used in the skill.


    BUFF: Kill creeps obtained after specific gain magic, disappear after a period of time, if at the same time holding BUFF was killed, then the enemy will get the BUFF buffs.


    False eye: sentry guards, stealth, you can display the surrounding area.


    True Eye: Eye of true sight, invisible, you can display the surrounding area, and can detect stealth.


    Super Soldiers: in one's own barracks are destroyed, the enemy will produce super-soldiers, has a high attack, high defense and ultra much blood, in one's own enemy barracks redevelopment will stop producing super-soldiers.


    Killed Notice: After the death of the hero, you can view killed notices top records your damage and injury suffered by the source.

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