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League of Legends S3 Tour Finals Phase Royal Clan


    S3 League Finals War soon, from around 14 teams gearing up for the highest honor. Parade brings major clan club, so that everyone on each team to have a perceptual awareness. Issue is bringing Chinese team - royal clan.



    Royal club won the China Regional Final champion, successfully become seed team. They will directly qualify for eight strong orange bear with Taiwan, South Korea Najin Sword and the North American division of C9 team on one side, the squad is headed star to the location as ADC boy genius mad dog Uzi.


    Recalling LOL Chinese history, beginning in 2012 from IPL5, WE seems unstoppable, so the domestic team to make every effort, WE have to defeat the goal. LPL Spring Race IG and OMG championship, WE finished third. Unfortunately, while the royal family last name in the fifth set.


    However, the initial LPL summer league, royal came a dream start. Although the final stage in the summer league we are very optimistic about the WE and PE, but the royal state well. Last week beat WE, lost PE. WE finally squeezed through the small sub- eligibility to participate in trials.


    S3 China trials can be regarded as a myth. Royal first round 2-0 away PE, upper bracket finals 1:2 defeat OMG, IG compete with another S3 places. Then lost the first inning comeback next 2 to 1 victory over IG, get S3 places. OMG finally compete with seeded qualifications, the results unexpectedly 2 to 1 victory over the powerful OMG, get eight strong places. Lien nine games creation myth.


    Team description

    Sin: Godlike, on behalf of the hero prince and crocodiles

    Playing field: Lucky, on behalf of the hero prince, spiders

    The single: White, on behalf of the hero fish were Fez, tonneau

    ADC: Uzi, on behalf of the hero mouse and EZ

    Auxiliary: Tabe, on behalf of the hero is Anne and Lulu


    Team Style

    The royal family is very good at playing small-scale team battles, Nakano encounter is also very good, but good at this small group into a team battle victory advantage. Their skills with Anne and small fish, very cruel. Similarly they are also the first team to assist Anne onto the stage and have a good competitive play, Tabe Anne became famous because of the auxiliary.

    Royal style is innovation, and the royal family is Chinese to play the best team Alto Phoenix, Dragon also availed to save over the world, white fish. If you have a flair for innovation team lineup, and that its name is certainly called royal.



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