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League of Legends S4 Analysis and Prospects


    League of Legends S3 the door is closed, everyone is looking forward to the arrival of S4. As the saying goes Boom will decline, S4 must be a crucial year for the decision LOL, playability is no longer a high-end players' expectations, but also the inevitable demand for all LOLER. To this end, the current inventory of recent changes S4 and S4 collection will occur Biranzhishi.


    League of LegendsS3 the door will be shut down, everyone is looking forward to the arrival of S4. As the saying goes Boom will decline, S4 must decide LOL crucial year for the referendum after the wave line and line and ah, playability is no longer a high-end players' expectations, but also the inevitable demand for all LOLER. To this end, the current inventory of recent changes S4 and S4 collection will occur Biranzhishi.


    First, the main idea S4
    We can think of the first season League of Legends is a period of testing the waters, because at this stage have all kinds of heroes in this Gods. There are invincible sword sister, has fatal widow, has a pick five weapons, there are a variety of cards full fly with nightmares and so on.


    The second season is a period of rapid development, this stage of the players can be said that the rise geometrically. DOTA, 3C, Nobunaga, really three, from where so competitive gamers to enter through certain group Friends of the game, they quickly start groping through various different routines: Shuangxiu play, APAD conversion, doubles wild, for road, etc. are added to the game a ton of ideas.


    The third season is a period of steady development, clan who reinforces basic skills and team understanding, players on a more detailed understanding of the characteristics of a hero. Unfortunately, novice Dan flooded with high-end players, while ranking in the wonderful work has appeared in a variety of actors, with fists companies launch new hero frequency weakened in favor of " strengthening weakened " cycle time, LOLER were a bit know what to do.


    So it seems, S4 main idea is very simple.


     "Strengthening playability " has become a priority

    Novice players can fully enjoy the fun of the game, the novice sister can not rely Male Friends of the basin and courageously; trying to develop more high-end players can play, qualifying is to prove the strength of the location, but not a game all the power; playing field may have more choice, the auxiliary must be a very critical position, or even " professional support, not to send." Scramble key point will not change, but the key point of factors will have more choices and degree of understanding with each other can compete with the merciless crushing equipment level.


    Second, S4 and analysis of the key changes

     Baron: Baron offers nature BUFF team battles reward from the demolition of the tower into advantages ( such as movement speed bonus or extra damage on the towers ).


    The official meaning is very simple, is to give an opportunity to the end of the game, but that does not mean that big dragon regret a lifetime, you are No matter how fast demolition of the tower, win or not win the group. Unless of course a combination of semi- POKE flow, quickly cleared her soldiers and suppress the other blood, blood each time for mad returned demolition.


    Super soldiers and barracks: the destruction of the barracks no longer causes all creeps become stronger. Instead, the way that the barracks were destroyed soldier PUSH more fiercely than before, while the other line soldier will not be affected.


    This is actually a very wrong decision, because of the large dragon does not have the advantages of laminated playing group, now the defensive side and the offensive side will be more see-saw, the defending side can secure at home for more money. And even more frightening is that advantage will only allow you to split two barracks, and then only give you a way of economic and Nakano economy.


    Vision: True Sight guard ( real eye ) is no longer stealth, investigative and true, as the guards guarding the maximum number of jewelry inserted a free eye; detects existing eye; or scan a location.


    This change will directly derived from numerous different tactics appear, such abandon mainstream view, special tactical strategic vision and so on. This is the fist one of the best no changes, and good tactics will become the winning key strategic player is inspired by the game 's ultra- competitive level of God breakthrough.


    Creeps: Blue BUFF and three wolves add a camp near creeps camp. As the hero level creeps will grow growth

    Aimed at improving the wild jungle brush and developmental type jungle, which is the purpose of a fist. Although Wood gave the werewolf and more development space, but also delay the playing field gank efficiency. Who is on the line of a certain dead who suffer, the road is still likely to be arrested once snowball, along with the middle of the jungle is a good deterrent audience still can. This change has given hope and wild -type growth, too, is a huge challenge, because they are more likely to be a pig Nakano.


    Summoner Skills: ignition duration will target profiling, treatment reduced cooling time from 300 seconds to 180 seconds, improve both 30% movement speed, lasts one second. Cast range increased to 900 from 600, attack speed reduced from 50% down to 30% reduction, movement speed reduced from 30% up to 30/35/40/45 %.


    Because terrorist attack speed reduced for ADC comparator, alteration strengthen weak deceleration in the road and wild areas will become common. ADC with therapeutic advantage over barriers.


    Cage's Lucky dagger: the only new passive -Pickpocket: Pugong and skills hit every enemy hero can get an extra 8:00 coins, cool down for 10 seconds. Kill creeps can reduce the cooling time of 10 seconds.


    Are you sure you do not hit the face?


    Third, S4 inevitable things


    Double black elected not limited to "24 double, including under the road," but Support and Jungling. Support tactical makers, Jungling tactical enforcement.


    Video commentary makes a tactical massive popularity of casual players will follow and prevent most mainstream tactics. This means that whoever developed the sharp play can play high winning percentage.

    Popular hero and the hero will redo shine, they have a dragon turtle, cards, Gary, Mondo, Jess and so on.


    Pre- qualifying and S3 has not changed much, diverse tactics and combinations in qualifying in experts to study only after stabilization, then hugged thighs to fully enjoy the climb points is benevolent.


    Fist before the company would turn over massive change things, try not to rely on minor alterations of the mad props study.


    Fourth, in my opinion

    The League of Legends likened to martial arts arena, then the level and equipment is the strength, and the tactics and operations that moves.


    The winner of the game although a combination of both, but now usher in an era of Magic, vision mechanisms and grass playing field and make changes in the middle there are more things you can do to assist Le Fran will hold a Fortunately for the dagger crazy suppression and intrusion Nakano. Understanding based Friends of God than the big thigh easier to hold, so LOLER go to find your true love it.



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