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League of Legends S4 Carmen Jungle Raiders


    League of Legends S4 is probably the most difficult to play the jungle. Been Seino, top and mid scolded Why do not you come gank, it will not clear the jungle was the opposite in turn attacked, S4 jungle just hard to play! This S4 jungle Raiders of the author is from Switzerland jungle player Mightymoney, as he said, Carmen is his favorite hero. With this hero in his season hit platinum group S2, S3 and increase again in the season, became a member of the diamond group. For the jungle, his view is "In the right time in the right place."


    S4 Carmen Jungle Raiders

    Rune choice

    S4 Carmen Jungle Raiders


    Red armor penetration X9, yellow fixed armor X9, blue lower cooling X6, fixed blue magic resistance X3, purple fixed damage X3

    Single qualifying talent

    S4 Carmen Jungle Raiders


    Talented team qualifying


    Skill Point


    Summoner Skills: Retribution + flash

    Equipment guide


    Out equipment: jungle knife plus Xueping, vision jewelry. I have tried to use the sword with the talent Dolan of vampire, but the effect is not obvious for Carmen, but blind or such a hero Vi is good.


    S4 Carmen Jungle Raiders

    Ultimate Equipment: Foot Ninja tools, fine lizard elders, Langton trillion, black cleaver, guardian angel, inspired armor

    Before upgrading, first out fine lizard shoes elders, the new jungle items good results, but only to complete the upgrade in order to enjoy these benefits, which means you need to start a jungle items. So why not choose a five-speed shoes ? Because S3 season, the sooner the more obvious effects of 5-speed shoes, but in S4, because you must first article of the jungle, so the effect is not as good as the 5-speed shoe with a foot ninja. When the opponent has a strong control skills, the toughness of the shoe is a good choice.


    After this, I would choose first out Langton trillion, if the other team a lot of AP hero or strong, then, first-out inspired armor can, but you still have to out Langton after, because the ADC is in the late the output of the key, and Landon is the best equipped to restrain the ADC. Black cut can maximize the team 's output, but also to enhance their injuries. It allows your hero Q tanks cause very considerable damage. Many people underestimate the effect of the guardian angel. After an exciting finish Langton or armor, if you want to improve your ability to survive, the guardian angel is your best choice.


    Heroes on the line

    Spider: and blind liked. If you let the spider got a snowball advantage, she will become very powerful, when in Grade 3 and spiders fight is the most sensible choice, because she was hurt in the level of less than 3 times. Battle group is not strong, but not weak, pushing the line capacity class.


    Blind: a bit like a dragon, except that the blind generally only steal your BUFF, and Dragon will try to steal away your Ono blame. And blind encounter when he would play the upper hand in general, he singled out are strong. But when the anti- blind wild is very fragile, so if we can seize the opportunity to fight him in the early wave, then you can neutralize him. Also online GANK ability Carmen stronger than the blind, to take advantage of this.


    Olaf: evenly matched. Although the heads-up stronger, but not as good as Carmen in team battles big role. If you encounter opposition area and Olaf can take to avoid the way across the terrain, Olaf do anything.


    Dragon: One of the most formidable opponent, FARM ability, you can always expand the showdown, but also can steal the wild, contrast Carmen relatively weak, but you can give online through the method of applying pressure to force her to help themselves teammates. After all, and his teammates together GANK, Carmen superior. In summary, your group warfare capability than Dragon, but her FARM and singled capabilities are above you.


    Vi: The key is to fight anti- GANK. Both are strong GANK type jungle hero, so anti- GANK became a top priority, and if she catches you in your EQ cool when you 're in big trouble if you're in her Q cooldown when caught her, then she will certainly have to endure a pass burst damage.


    Made by Mightymoney

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