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League of Legends S4 Finals held in Korea and All Star Game is moved to Europe


    League of Legends S4 Finals-Korea


    Yesterday, fist gaming company 's official website officially announced that the 2014 World Finals will be held in Korea, while the All-Star Game will be moved to Europe.


    " South Korea is considered to be the world center of eSports countries, but where has the largest gaming enthusiasts. Has such deep gaming background so countries are indeed very suitable for the world's highest level of League of Legends tournament. To time, the world 's top players will come together to attack the champion of the world.


    In addition, we also announced that the 2014 All-Star Game will be held in Europe. In S4 season, we will give you more exciting game, the world 's top teams and players who will have more opportunities to fight, players, are you ready ? "Fist company officials said.


    S3 in the just-concluded World Finals, won from Korea SKT1 success, but to the S4 season, this concern will be the World Series held in Korea, presumably will have home advantage for Korean team will be more terrible. In S4 season and have favorable factors like Korea team to compete, teams from various parts of the world had better work harder.

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