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League of Legends S4 Kali Does Not Profiling In The Jewelry


    LOL US Service Designers Announced the S4 vision adjustment programs [Click to view details S4 ], and answered topical issues of concern to the players. Such as the new hero of jewelry that will let profiling, can clear the jewelry and so on.


    1 : I am very concerned about SweepingLens, this jewelry will make Kali phenotypic do such a hero?


    Now not detect the invisible perspective jewelry hero, will only see the guard ( eye ) and objects. 'll Overt things: Timo mushrooms, clowns scare Box [W]. No overt things: Kali.


    (2) you can clear the jewelry?


    The current plan is to allow clear jewelry, but clear or sell jewelry, jewelry grid will allow the cooling time is about 2-3 minutes.


    3 So in the new system is the role of the prophet Pharmacy?


    Temporary, we have no prophet pharmaceutical test case, but will have a crystal ball relic upgrade to get real eye effect in a short time.


    4 If you give everyone a free eye, but they still do not plug, how would you handle this situation?


    This problem is more about the novice experience, indicating mechanism. We will reconsider plans to introduce game mechanics.


    5 With regard to the early group fights have any plans?


    According to feedback from professional players, if you want to maintain a mechanism for team battles, then give jewelry set an initial cooling time, may be necessary.


    6 guards limit - Why auxiliary plug in the skilled eye punished?


    We have identified, so that a player is responsible for all field work, doing so is not worth it.

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