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League of Legends S4 Preseason Game Changes Major Changes in Vision Mechanism


    Recently, from Riot Games 's Xypherous, will introduce the fourth season, the preseason vision mechanism changes: Our overall goal is: to increase the field of vision mechanism more playability, and let all the players are involved. We believe that the best approach is decentralized vision control duties.


    In S3 season, support take a lot of vision control work, they wear the most rudimentary equipment, the majority of revenues are put into perspective control to go. Buy investigation guards and guard is true, as the need to spend money, if support can not control vision, or the vision behind than the opponent, then the whole team will be severely affected.


    The new season is coming, vision will no longer be someone's special duties, but need a team to participate in the control. Here are some of our vision mechanism changes, the purpose is to have all team members have the opportunity to assume responsibility for controlling vision.


    True, as the guard ( real eye ) are no longer invisible, placed to guard and protect more strategic vision

    Each player has investigative and true, as the guards guarding the maximum number, if you want to insert exceeds the upper limit of the guards, the guards first plug is removed, which is insight Stone ( eye stone ) similar to the mechanism.


    Each player has a vision to control accessories, jewelry, you can do the following three things in one: insert a free eye; detects existing eye; or scan a location.


    Eye function mechanism changes:

    True, as the guards have no time limit, until they were destroyed before all the permanent presence. True, as the guards are no longer invisible, and there is the value of life 5:00


    True, as the guards will be cheaper

    The current version, in addition to the price a little expensive, really, as the guards are often more effective than the detection guard. This has led to the proliferation of late game really, as guards, we are buying a lot of True Sight guards to deal with each other's true, as the guards. This silly arms race should be improved.


    Under the new mechanism, the selection will be more subtle, really, as the guards can still guard against hidden and anti-detection, but because, as the guards are not really invisible, you have to go to a more active defense of your vision.


    Insert the eye caps

    Each player has inserted three guards limit the investigation beyond the upper limit will remove the earliest detection of inserted guard. Investigative sources include guards insight of the stone, the lights and ornaments reggae.


    Each player can only insert a true sight guard

    We decided to limit the investigation single player guarding the guards and the number of true sight. We will pay close attention to players in this new vision mechanism behavior, especially in the latter part. Three guards and a real investigation, as the guards are present decision, but we may be adjusted based on feedback.



    Jewelry is a new type of props

    There will be a special place seventh props plaid jewelry

    New type of lattice can only put ornaments ( ie vision category ) props

    Jewelry is free and can be readily converted into another store jewelry.


    In the 10 's when the jewelry will be upgraded, the power to increase or decrease the cooling.


    Since jewelry is free and does not take up the existing grid, all team members can now be placed guards without sacrificing the economy needs more.


    Three ornaments

    Sweeper: show around stealth units ( including investigation guard ) for some time

    This jewelry can be used to counter the enemy's stealth units or horizons

    Totem: insert an investigation guard ( there is one or two minutes, with the level dependent )


    Like the lamp of reggae ( lantern ) active skills.


    Lens: the area near a regional showcase for some time

    Insight into the mechanisms similar, showing the area under the fog of war, so that teams can be in a safe place reconnaissance grass or other unknown areas.


    We want to let the players know more about the vision of the interaction mechanism. Each ornament is copied the vision part of the core function of the mechanism, and there is an appropriate cooling time. We look forward to the player's team can have the vision of a mixed strategy to fight opponents.


    We are very much looking forward jewelry system, because we have introduced a vision of universal participation in the game, and each player's strategy is unique and can be adjusted at any time. Three jewelry design is relatively simple and clear, and we look forward to continue to expand the system.



    All in all, this is our major goal of the season, vision mechanisms will be more dynamic, the pressure for a more modest single player. Our expectation is that these changes can enhance our team of players on the field of vision mechanism participation.


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