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League of Legends S4 Preseason Jungling Gameplay Changes Introduced



    This week, the company will continually emit fist on the League of LegendsS4 season detailed changes for vision mechanisms to facilitate new ways have very detailed answers, released today, League of Legends designers heavy news : League of Legends S4 Jungling 's changed.


    We are the preseason Nakano prepared some heavy content. We update Nakano aim is for all types of Jungling heroes to create more options and possibilities. In this purpose under the guidance of our more ambitious goals away from that - to ensure League of Legends where all roles and positions have a strong sense of participation, and in the late game also has a powerful influence - and one step closer. Let's look at some changes to it:


    The third season Nakano
    Jungling heroes in the early very powerful, but in the medium term, most are forced to turn to a more secondary role model of migraine.
    Jungling heroes often no wild to play, because online teammates will " poaching " creeps
    As soon as possible to arrest people (GANK) of Jungling hero hero than other types of Jungling more favorable.
    In the early defeat Jungling heroes to spend some pretty tough times, in order to keep up with the rhythm of the game.


    Why do these things happen?

    Creeps revenue growth is not very good

    Creeps in the early will provide more experience and money ( compared to the soldier speaking ), but the benefits do not grow good soldier. Therefore, Carry wild type Jungling unable to get enough through the brush CARRY teammate equipment - they have to go online to rub the Troops, or a successful GANK many times in order to obtain the same amount of money online hero and experience.

    GANK and play money is not ideal tradeoff between

    Opposition zone incentives provided by the wild brush, enough with the potential benefits of early GANK par. In addition, for some heroes, they can Seino, while still allow enemies fear.

    The money concentrated in a better shooter or Mage

    In the third season of the mainstream tactics, money, often in the shooter or the Master who is more effective, no matter what position. This situation led to rampant poaching of wild areas and Jungling heroes often find themselves with the shooter or the Master has obvious economic disadvantage.


    We Jungling changes in the new season goals:
    Allow more flexibility in Nakano

    We really want to make more types of heroes have Jungling capability. Players will choose Jungling heroes more flexibility and optimal route Seino your hero will be more changes.
    More Resources

    Dominated by wild brush Jungling heroes will be able to obtain single- line approximation hero of money and experience, because they need to give up in the brush wild map deterrent and online support capabilities, so this is their compensation. "Brush wild -type CARRY" and "GANK type auxiliary " are optional gameplay available, and they have their own advantages and disadvantages.

    Nakano add more easing mechanism

    While grasping the wild remains as a viable strategy, while those of defeat Jungling heroes will have more ways to keep up with the rhythm of the game up again.

    ( Some ) preseason Jungling changes:

    Here are some of the changes that we are preparing.

     We will BUFF and three wolves in the Blue camp near a wild strange new camp.


    Creeps through the new camp, players can add more Seino route changes and get more resources. New creeps camp wild in the brush and create further trade-offs between GANK relationship, because now you want to put all clear creeps become more challenging it. In addition, the new creeps camp for us, but also to balance the populations injury type Jungling single injury type Jungling heroes and hero of another weight.

    New creeps camps also make each partition becomes the same number of creeps camp, so that the blue and red Legion Legion wild areas become a little more balanced.

    As the hero level creeps will grow growth

    Creeps will now have "rank ", and this level will be determined when they are reborn. The value depends on the level of the game an average rating of all heroes. If the hero kills a higher level than their creeps, you will get extra experience points.


    We would like to introduce creeps through the dynamic growth and differentiation reward, so brush wild to become a viable play. Differentiated reward will serve as a mechanism to ease the operation and give the player a motive, so that they will leave those little creeps lost teammates. Creeps through the new camp, poaching for Jungling heroes hazards become lighter, and is still a hero to recapture on line online advantage possible way.

    To provide more money for the players Jungling Source

    No details yet, but we intend to make more money flowing into Jungling heroes wallet. We want extra gold income tied up in Jungling exclusive equipment, rather than punishment, and the idea being to explore. This idea creeps and more reliable revenue growth, should be able to broaden Jungling heroes sources of money.


    Again, this is just our Nakano changes planned a small part of it. We wanted to see how we adapt to the new season, Nakano, and we excited to want to take a look at how Jungling this position in the new season to shine !



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