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League of Legends S4 Preseason Q and Summary


    League of Legends S4 in the end When did you start? Believe that even if tomorrow a new S4 season, you can not be ignorant S4 enjoy playing it ! Today we bring the designer of the S4 season LOL vision and sopport detailed Q / A summary of answers.


    Summoners are you, it is time to summarize our League of LegendsS4 communicate the results of the preseason. Our global collected S4 season of you for the question, the wisdom of the masses will guide our conduct future changes. We are still making relevant adjustments, but the core of the preseason guiding ideology will not be biased. If you have not seen us before specific content related articles does not matter, because we 'll cover next greatest concern global players.


    Continuous assists

    What is the mechanism consecutive assists?

    Assists additional incentives are not as continuous as kill reward, when you will lose after death. In particular, we also changed the name so you better understand. In short, if you assists than kills two or more, you will be in each subsequent assists for additional gold. Additional incentives will assist you lose because of death. Later, if you kill the enemy, but if you are still very high in assists, your assists additional incentives will still exist.


    There is no way to enhance the performance of assists? Say adding something like " super- god" or "runaway " prompt to show assists additional incentive?

    Should not be. Cause and assists additional incentive mechanisms. For the enemy, they respect you sopport consecutive assists and no countermeasures, unless they send the head. However, this will lead to other problems, because your sopport can also be rewarded in the head to make up for lost additional incentives.


    Universal talent APsopport

    These mechanisms will lead to some sopport except to go under the road outside, but also to the development of the middle? Like Jianuo and Lulu can be in the middle of playing the role of the Master?


    Yes, but you may overflow sopport ability to enhance your AP - not just the damage output to explosive knockouts, we are also concerned about the turning point - these sopport heroes are protectors, not just with a treatment capacity of explosive shield or mage.


    How do you prevent sopport after obtaining extra money, to buy equipment for their own interests?


    We never forced players to purchase specific equipment. We hope that under the enemy's equipment to respond. Many sopport money now with talent or specific sopport attire for the new AP balance, those with sopport core heroes, such as Soraka, Lulu and Jianuo etc. will still be a great talent in common income, even if they deliberately trying to buy AP equipment. Ultimately, your choice will be very balanced hero or even if they get a lot of AP.


    If we add a double road sopport income, whether high damage sopport will become the new hot spot?


    It is also concerned about our internal problems. We are confident to maintain balance. At present we do not fully open content, but we will certainly focus on the balance adjustment.


    Interestingly, we see Lei Ounuo experience under the new system was very successful, especially when he played the advantage when online. We aim to change one of these mechanisms is to increase the availability of other sopport. Now Leiou Na and Carmen IV as sopport more successful because they will kill because early were rewarded, in terms of relative before. Again, we will pay close attention to them and other sopport contrast.


    To fully get the new upgrade system sopport money hero needs to point out the general lines on the deep talent, this is one of our preset level. Like the Pantheon or Rennes Gard may want to buy props to increase gold on line.


    We will continue to test the hero and the death road ( two with a strong desire to kill the hero ) to determine the sopport new props and new revenue is able to produce new effects, compared to the previous tradition sopport terms. Currently we have not tested such a thing.


    Ultimately, we hope that the new system is able to increase the number and availability of sopport hero, rather than destroy the original sopport capabilities. If we find that the traditional sopport behind, we will respond to changes. APsopport may not be a front-line combat an important factor, but if you choose for his features to this hero, this feature should indeed become stronger over time.


    sopport props

    I was able to get more gold coins to increase props do?

    No, even if you buy all the sopport revenue equipment.


    Interestingly, we have a start and did not set a limit, then Madlife and H4ckerv2 here in our game to get through sopport props need to make more than the other heroes of gold, you go blame them now.

    sopport props props how to upgrade to the general?


    Sage Stone, Cage's lucky hand and no longer as a heroic emblem money props without synthetic components. We regroup the right recipe, for example, will now ancient wand and Hexx technology by the burst guns synthesized.


    Executioner 's emblem is an active devices? It is a sopport prop up the knife to increase the income of his teammates? Or a hero used to increase the developmental type of equipment around them sopport it?


    Executioner 's Signet mechanism is triggered when you close the enemy Fang Xiaobing Pugong friendly when triggered. The original design is to make sopport online companion to help them up the knife, but sharpshooters and developmental type heroes can come to buy, even when used for online behind some money to sopport.


    When sopport that owns executioner emblems and complement what happens when the knife?


    He and his companions will receive gold income online, online companions also get a small point extra income, so he also has to fit well and sopport.


    If I do not executioners emblems up the knife, it is a waste of the extra gold income?


    Yes, if you purchased the equipment, it means you want to participate in the experience of going up the knife.


    Explore cloud hands and steal France 's Blade looks more suitable for remote sopport? Melee sopport you how to balance it?


    We will need to adjust the melee sopport equipment, as we explore the cloud on hand to adjust that.


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