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League of Legends S4 Season Change Analysis


    Fist company recently invited some League of Legends S4 renowned professional players to participate in the fourth season of the test, the test is completed, many professional players have a moment to share their feelings.


    Doublelift released a screenshot of the test, which Meteos (C9Jungling) equipped bar out there has already been removed Mairui De split blood gloves ( green claw ), combined with the previously released some of the fist forward and S3 S4 summary I think we can do for the upcoming S4 some simple analysis.

    A: green claw back, dilapidated go from here?

    Greenpaw is dilapidated come out before, AD hero props to deal with one of the best pure flesh, but in the V1.0.0.152 patch is removed after the reign is dilapidated.


    Meteos in a green claws also a whisper, used Greenpaw players know, the percentage of green claw damage is magic damage, Meteos such attire, seems to tell us a useful information.


    " After the reunification of green claws, as is likely, and the percentage of dilapidated physical damage."


    Well, if this is the case, dilapidated do about it?


    Because fist disgusted her unchangeable attire way, before being weakened in the run-down, dilapidated place with most AD drink blood has become an irreversible fact, in addition, it is important that the assassin has now become dilapidated standard, which will make the already weak ADC becomes more weak, while dilapidated original design came out, fists and did not expect to become so. This may be Greenpaw again return one of the reasons:


    "In the future remains a rundown of the ADC, but Greenpaw melee exclusive props, so you can ensure the ADC output at the same time, to prevent a large number of assassins out to threaten them ruined."


     Two: economic strengthening, support the rise?

    This is, in S3 before the finals, the fist has been through a variety of ways to tell you, they will significantly enhance support in the S4 position. As can be seen from the screenshot above, it does not seem to play a joke.


    1/5/23 female figure on the piano, and 7/3/17 of the ice actually are 14.7K 's economy, but there are 257 ice up the knife, piano woman barely fill a knife.


    If you do not modify the formal clothes, then support compared to the S3 period, will increase about 60% of the economy.


    I believe the players have heard my friends said, support is not fun, too little money, there is no sense of presence. You can call your friends expect S4 changes, which will support those who have the strength to become inferior to other locations Carry point.


    Nevertheless, a lot of people may ask, is how to make a fist to get so much support the economy?


    On S3 is, support economical way to get only four.


    First, the game automatically jump money, two wages loaded, three is talent in the additional money, the four runes.


    In my personal analysis, automatic jump money should not be much change, S3 early fist drastic cut soldier of money to enhance the second jump of money, intent is to let the support will not be so embarrassing, but the effect is very micro, so deflated fist eaten at this point is not expected to make drastic changes.


    One thing is sure, and that is more money there will be no change in the basic talent, because talent will affect the whole balance of the game, if you add money directly BUFF talent, is likely to return directly to S1 mode, AP all with 9/0/21 the talent.


    Finally, I personally think that the most likely BUFF, that is to add money runes.


    We all know that the current jump Rune money really sad, but the essence of both yellow and big money with Canadian support, even though the economy is slightly better than the other, but it will be online very, very fragile. So now with the current jump money runes embarrassing situation, most likely fist dramatic change is to take it a little.


     Three: eye position limits, Jungling another way?


    After having read the support changes, many people may ask:


    "Fist doing so afraid to become EU Mode do? Support money everywhere insert the eye how to play? "


    On this point, before the fist statement published in the S4 will limit the number of eye position. As for the restriction means nothing more than two kinds. First, limit the number of eye position on the map, the second is to limit the number of one-time purchase eye.


    If you make changes to these two points, then Jungling will be most affected. Nakano has been redone many times, from S2 herbivorous Jungling hot, to the current carnivorous Jungling becomes mainstream, Jungling changes, are the most direct impact on the pace of the game. S4 test involved some Jungling players said, S4 and S3 of the Jungling will be completely different. This sentence illustrates some herbivorous Jungling likely return to the game.


    Now it seems like a fist through a number of ways to slow down the pace of the game, which in itself is no problem, but the only thing worth noting is that, do not go overboard changed, if change is too large, the game is too slow paced drop is likely mounted on the back national agricultural wage war regiment soldiers and other post- S2 it. Overall, S4 S3 playability stronger than the current release of some information in a fist, and S3 are a lot different, so you can guess, fist S4 will make what?


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