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League of Legends S4 Season New Gameplay Summary


    Map Adjustment

    At S4 during the preseason, Summoner Canyon will look a little different. Our grass area on the map to clean up, and now just plug an eye you can see the entire grass, in the grass with one of the two heroes can see each other. Each player should learn those useful plug eye position, and to learn how to fight in the grass, but also recognize that in terms of the road is still under way, the role of the grass is the same.

    "We've cleared some strange shapes grass, so that players insert an eye you can see the entire grass " - designer Brian "FeralPony" Feeney



    In ancient statues and wolves near the camp, adding a dozen camping ground. Meanwhile creeps will vary with the level of the hero, when the hero kills a higher level than their own creeps, it will gain additional experience reward. This helps to make the team that everyone has a similar level, especially after a long game to compare, rank behind the relatively large number of players, you can compensate by playing field level difference.

    "By adding a wild strange camp, to add more routes and wild, but also to provide more resources to the map."-Sol "Solcrushed" Kim


    In order to reduce the pre- dragons snowball effect, as well as in mid-game to join a mechanism can regain, now under the dragons level, it has been killed, will award full map and the nearby gold hero experience. Like other creeps like a hero assists lower grade, will gain additional experience reward.

    Vision adjustment

    Aspects of the field of vision of tons adjustments, including : adding new horizons items lattice, each player insert the eye of quantitative restrictions, and more guarded options, so you can make insert the eye of the war become more strategic, rather than simply coins contest. In addition, a variety of model also includes a player can assume all responsibilities insert the eye, but we still want to re-emphasize, insert the eye should be a shared responsibility of the entire team.


    On the map the same time, each player can only insert three invisible guards ( that is, the vision of the previous version called green guard or guard ), insert the fourth eye, the first one out of the eye will be replaced ( including those from eye stone, reggae, the lights and ornaments eye ).


    On the map the same time, each player can only be inserted one true sight guards ( ie pink guard ). Now really, as the value of life guards have five points, and is no longer the invisible.


    True, as the guards can still detect the invisible enemy guards, but more defensive side, as they are visible.



    Now you can buy three kinds of jewelry, when the hero reaches nine when the equipment will be self-evolution of jewelry. Once evolved, coins can be used in the store to buy new upgrades.

    We hope that a team will have a variety of view options to counter the enemy's field of vision programs. -Kuo-Yen "Xypherous" Lo



    In S4 preseason, we adjusted the towers as well as its role. Early push the tower will make every road ahead of the opponent, and no longer need to line up skills. Summoner Canyon in the line is a very important part of the gaming experience, so the whole map down outside the tower gold award was reduced, but the players directly involved in pushing the tower gold award increased. Tajikistan reward more full picture gold award, while calling Crystal Tower is the greatest reward.


    Summon Crystal

    In Summoner canyon, destroying summon crystal will cause enormous trauma to the other party, the other party becomes much more difficult to reverse. In S4 preseason, our goal is to reduce the snowball effect, so when the call crystal is destroyed, we have reduced the time of death summoned crystal, and remove all enemy soldier on the whole map buffs, but and destroy the enemy that one way to summon Crystal soldier, will become stronger and more durable.


    " Summon Crystal destroyed, it is difficult to regain the situation, because they were destroyed by a party of soldiers need to put all the lines clean and clear way and we hope to have a team can truly regain the situation the moment."-Brian "FeralPony" Feeney

    Heroic death

    Pre death penalty is too serious a few, we lowered a few seconds to reduce upfront online snowball effect.


    Kills and assists Award

    Kills and assists awards were optimized. For example, we reduced the pre- kill reward ( up to four minutes or so far ), to reduce early to take a blood snowball effect. Now also have more incentive assists, assists can be superimposed.


    The initial game design

    Although this change has not yet adjusted, so we are experimenting soldier appeared earlier, but time will appear creeps make the corresponding adjustments. This does not affect the playing field or online point in time, but if you want the opposition team appear strange, it is in a correct position, you will need to act quickly.


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