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League of Legends Top Ten Beauty Hero Inventory


    In League of Legends by the majority of men flooded this game, the beauty is undoubtedly the most beautiful landscape too, because beauty is always able to attract more attention. Zan female players to play the game not to mention, say, inside the game heroine who also have their own beautiful side. Although each has its own beautiful heroine, but there is always a woman is to become safflower, where they are so outstanding, they are always much sought after players. Small for everyone to take stock of most of the players in mind League of Legends Top Ten beauty hero.


    Leather City policewoman Caitlin, policewoman is undoubtedly very nice. Imagine a white Formica, or a white Formica wearing police uniforms shot elegant chic turned the most perfect after blow, leaving a hair fluttering in the back is more attractive way.


    Nine fox A fox, fox who can resist the charm? Charming eyes arched an electric eye lashes instantly make you fall.


    Ice shooter Eichhorn, Eichhorn is ice three sisters, is one of the most beautiful one. Beautiful bow while holding ice yet domineering, do you want to come a few rounds? Summoner.


    Harmonious Fairy Liquid Na, as the league's most busty heroine, Suo Na must be selected. 36E piano women make men gun, EZ, Wei Lusi are passed out in her Sound Lane.


    Stormrager Jianuo, Wind incarnation Jianuo has delightful appearance, her every move like a breeze blowing through your heart, sexy dress coupled with refined appearance, Jianuo does have a charming capital.


    Miss doom bounty hunter, good luck sister is the kind of charming in with wild beauty, like a rose without a thorn. Sexy lips kiss the gun, you dare to do?


    Will Eric Leah blade, knife sister's beauty is unique, with British Gas is a neat United States, is a symbol of AO Virginia, as she put it really will not be defeated The.


    Unknown Blade Katrina, Carter is also a love does not love red are armed beauty, her beauty is purely wild beauty, even the great general Dema West Galen both fall for her.


    Aurora Leiou Na, the dawn of the sun god, goddess all with a sacred and noble beauty, but she is also very powerful, is Wa Luolan most dazzling dawn.


    Brilliant girl Lacus, Lacus is fresh and soft and sweet girl, and she gives a youthful energetic feeling, how Summoner, is not it want to be escorts?



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