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League of Legends Tournament Hot Heat Swept The National College


    If ALL-Star League All-Star Game Let's enjoy the most professional eSports LOL feast, then was recently opened the inaugural National College League Challenge will let small groups of students to experience LOL at the popular level.


    The event this year plans covering 28 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities 600 colleges and universities. 500 games line game fierce fight, millions of events inputs, one can foresee eSports heat wave will sweep the country most colleges and universities.


    Produced by the American RiotGames competitive battle online game League of Legends global peak simultaneous online user accounts has exceeded 5 million in the end of 2012 the total global number of registered users is more than 70 million avid players listed only three years to make this product quickly swept worldwide, becoming the world's largest online games.


    With the growing number of games, players no longer just crazy game itself, related League game has major sports events in the world gain a firm foothold and become IPL, WCG and many other world-renowned event will selection of projects, the second season of its world championship is unprecedented bonuses and singles worldwide, making the tournament is the industry recognized as the largest in the history of one of gaming competitions, national teams competing athletics, in Worldwide triggered a new trend in gaming. A few days ago LOL just ended the All-Star Game, the game three days have more than 8 million users to watch, while the highest number of viewers over 440,000, ratings have been approaching the amount of NBA Live, if coupled with other network channels, TV channels and other parts of the world , the data probably even more shocking.


    In the end who is playing League of Legends? This is the talk of everyone. Third party survey results show: League players, more than 60 percent are college students or have already graduated from college, and 16 to 30 years accounted for more than 85% of the players, the players average level of education is very high, into Chinese online games top three. And very interesting is that female players 10% of the total, far more than other similar sports games.


    In China, the national gymnastics men's team, Zhu Zhen, Chen He and many other stars are playing League of Legends, which means that in the crowded bus shouting "Dema West" will have seven individual response. In Korea, the League for 30 consecutive weeks at Internet cafes share of the first League seems to have become a popular way of life in today's society.


    Campus life is inseparable from the new generation of technology embellishment, youthful blood cold technology allows full color. College, students who have their own dreams, regardless Summoners after graduation is to become a scientist, a doctor, boss or professional eSports hand, we must never forget that period to discuss tactics, encouraging each other silently support team On the black day. Along with the increasingly popular as well as League of Legends League of Legends Challenge at the National College of fiery nationwide hero alliances or players who have become unforgettable memories of school youth.


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