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League of Legends is about to launch the National College Challenge


    Campus life is inseparable from the new generation of technology embellishment, youthful blood cold technology allows full color. June 1, 2013, covering eight major regions, 16 cities, 128 colleges and universities CGU2013 Colorful League of Legends Challenge National University, about gorgeous open!


    Chinese universities to create the most shining grassroots eSports team, all-round understanding of the new generation of campus life, Daren Technology, CGU will present you scale, exciting "League of Legends" gaming competitions! CGU will you achieve, on-site challenge the national championship level eSports teams, the most shining achievements of Chinese college game star!


    CGU (Colorful Games Union, Colorful Gaming Alliance) is a global community of players games and DIY hardware integrated athletics and exchange platform organized by the Rainbow by Tencent game (first) to provide strategic cooperation. Year-round activities to Chinese college students in the school's main line of e-sports event for the campus grassroots eSports clan Implementation: Challenges Chinese champions live gaming clan and achievements China game the most shining star college dreams, in order to promote e-sports in college The healthy development. Annual CGU Carnival of the athletics finals will be staged for the game and the players brought Colorful DIY Hardware Group's annual carnival carnival event. Alliance "let's play!" As the slogan, aimed at promoting the game and DIY hardware players in competitive exchange gain more pleasure and get to know a broader friendship.


    This CGU annual event partners are: Somic, Jingdong, Western Digital, YY game live, ViewSonic, to watch receive prizes.


    From June 1 start, CGU2013 sea election race 16 cities in the country, 128 colleges and universities an Internet scale war. By then, each university will have no less than 10 teams, there were 1,280 more troops to participate on an unprecedented scale sea election race. By "League of Legends" 5V5 game play, eventually winning team of each school will receive a qualification tournament qualify for the city. The top three teams will also receive an incentive Group organizers Colorful sea election race pack.


    June-September, CGU2013 city will open the second phase of the tournament, from 16 cities in advance of renewed fighting between the 128 participating teams, through a nationwide competition, each city will have two teams entered the third stage game. City during the tournament, Rainbow Group will also universities involved in the race for publicity events fully and show CGU specified equipment.


    October began, CGU will enter the tight link regional tournament, regional tournament contains a total of eight major regions: the southern, central, northeast, northwest, north, south, east, west. The two cities in the same region of four teams will be fierce competition, won the first place team will represent their region, to participate in the finals in late.


    12 months late, on behalf of eight major areas of eight teams will be division CGU2013 finals, and with Colorful fans from around the country together, live challenge champion gaming clan. Meanwhile, the top game equipment, dreamy hand travel experience for you to open the door of the game in 2014!

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